It’s Julianne Morgen’s first Christmas in the Cornish village of Ceffylgwyn, and life seems perfect. Her job as an event planner couldn’t be better, she’s beginning to feel at home despite being an American in a tiny English village, and her relationship with handsome English horticulturist Matthew Rose continues to slowly blossom from friendship to love.

But when an old flame of Julianne’s appears on the spot, she finds herself tangled up in her own past. A grand charitable ball planned at Cliffs House for Christmas brings its own challenges to Julianne’s world, along with a last-minute wedding in London. And when she learns that Matthew’s former career in America has invited him back, she worries about what it means for their future together if he says ‘yes.’

Book Rating: 8/10

Romantic, charming, and deliciously sweet!

In this sequel to “A Wedding in Cornwall” we return back to the beautiful landscape of the Cornish countryside to check back in on the blooming romance developing between Julianne and Matt and to find out what extravagant events “The Cliffs” will be hosting next.

The writing is well done. The delightful, intriguing characters we loved from the first novella are back, along with a few new ones. And the plot is a lovely mix of budding romance, scheming exes, monumental decisions, festive preparations, ritzy galas, and scrumptious food.

Overall this is a lighthearted, delightful, holiday read that is perfect for a wintry afternoon.

Thank you to Laura Briggs, the author, for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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