Spring is in the air at Cliffs House, the charming Cornish estate that Julianne Morgen has come to think of as home. Her next big event is a personal favor to her employer: coordinating the perfect wedding for Lady Amanda’s friend and mentor, artist Constance Strong, whose late-in-life courtship is worthy of the storybooks themselves. 

But as if helping Lady Amanda isn’t enough to occupy her mind, Julianne finds herself distracted by personal matters. Her long distance romance with Matthew Rose, the handsome and brilliant horticulturist has been on the rocks for weeks now – and when Matthew suddenly returns to Cornwall, he brings news with him that could change everything between them. 

Can Julianne help Lady Amanda pull off the perfect surprise wedding for a case of true love? And no matter the odds they face, will Julianne and Matthew finally find their own happily ever after?

Book Rating: 8/10

Sweet, heartwarming and enchanting!

This is the third novella in the Cornwall series and once again love is in the air at “The Cliffs” estate where the staff are busy preparing for a surprise forest-themed wedding complete with stunning floral displays and delectable desserts.

The writing is vividly descriptive. The characters are kind, dependable and endearing. And the plot is a thoroughly engaging tale filled with humour, charm, emotion and tenderness.

Overall this is definitely a wonderful, romantic tale that’s perfect for an afternoon read.

Thank you to Laura Briggs, the author, for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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