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#BookReview Never a Duke (Rogues to Riches #7) by Grace Burrowes @GraceBurrowes @readforeverpub @grandcentralpub #ReadForever #ReadForeverPub #ReadForever2022 #NeveraDuke #GraceBurrowes #RoguestoRichesSeries

#BookReview Never a Duke (Rogues to Riches #7) by Grace Burrowes @GraceBurrowes @readforeverpub @grandcentralpub #ReadForever #ReadForeverPub #ReadForever2022 #NeveraDuke #GraceBurrowes #RoguestoRichesSeries Title: Never a Duke

Author: Grace Burrowes

Series: Rogues to Riches #7

Published by: Forever on Apr. 26, 2022

Genres: Historical Romance

Pages: 383

Format: Paperback

Source: Forever

Book Rating: 8.5/10

Despite having humble origins and a criminal past, Ned Wentworth has learned to dress, waltz, and express himself as elegantly as any lordling. When Lady Rosalind Kinwood’s maid goes missing, her ladyship turns to Ned, precisely because he still has friends in low places and skills no titled dandy would ever acquire, much less admit he possesses.

Rosalind is too opinionated and too intelligent, and has frequently suffered judgment at polite society’s hands. In the quietly observant Ned Wentworth, she finds a man who actually listens to her and who respects her for her outspokenness. As the search for the missing maids grow more perilous, Rosalind and Ned will have to risk everything—including their hearts—if they are to share the happily ever after that Mayfair’s matchmakers have begrudged them both.


Enticing, adventurous, and fun!

Never a Duke is a passionate, compelling tale that sweeps you away to London and into the life of Lady Rosalind Kinwood, an intelligent young woman who embarks on a mission to do whatever it takes to find her missing lady’s maid, even if it means befriending and asking for help from the banker with old friends in low places and a scandalous past of his own, the handsome, dependable Ned Wentworth.

The prose is amusing and light. The characters are protective, independent, and resourceful. And the plot is an arousing combination of family, friendship, secrets, adventure, societal expectations, wicked intentions, devious behaviour, tender moments, and unconditional love.

Overall, Never a Duke is an entertaining, intriguing, satisfying read by Burrowes that was a pleasant surprise with its exceptional character development, swoon-worthy ending, and twisty, action-packed storyline that’s not always seen in this genre.


This novel is available now.

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Thank you to Forever & Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Grace Burrowes

Grace Burrowes grew up in central Pennsylvania and is the sixth of seven children. She discovered romance novels in junior high and has been reading them voraciously ever since. Grace has a bachelor's degree in political science, a bachelor of music in music history (both from the Pennsylvania State University), a master's degree in conflict transformation from Eastern Mennonite University, and a juris doctor from the National Law Center at George Washington University. Grace is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who writes Georgian, Regency, Scottish Victorian, and contemporary romances in both novella and novel lengths. She enjoys giving workshops and speaking at writers' conferences.

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#BookReview That Cowboy of Mine by Donna Grant @donna_grant @smpromance @StMartinsPress #ThatCowboyofMine #DonnaGrant #smpromance #smpinfluencers

#BookReview That Cowboy of Mine by Donna Grant @donna_grant @smpromance @StMartinsPress #ThatCowboyofMine #DonnaGrant #smpromance #smpinfluencers Title: That Cowboy of Mine

Author: Donna Grant

Published by: St. Martin's Griffin on Apr. 26, 2022

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

Pages: 304

Format: ARC, eBook

Source: St. Martin's Press

Book Rating: 8.5/10

Is he an enemy?

Dillon Young is proud that she inherited her aunt’s ranch. The problem: someone is trying to run her off and is willing to do whatever it takes. Strange, dangerous things keep happening. Dillion suspects her no-good neighbor and fellow wealthy rancher Hank Stephens. Never a man to get his hands dirty, he sends others to get the job done. So, when the irresistible Cal Bennett is found passed out drunk on her property, Dillion is on high alert. Until someone takes a shot at her and Cal springs to her rescue. When the hard-bodied, no-nonsense-talking cowboy points out that she may need some help, Dillion is inclined to reluctantly agree.

Or a lover?

Waking up on a stranger’s property with a shotgun in his face is not Cal Bennett’s idea of a good time. Never mind that the woman on the other end of the barrel is one of the most fiercely beautiful women he has ever seen. Things get more interesting when he finds himself shielding her from flying bullets. It’s clear that this smart, savvy woman could use a hand and he is all too happy to lend any part of his body she requires. His proposal: pose as lovers until they find out who is after her ranch. As the danger rises and secrets are revealed, the passion explodes between them. There is no turning back.


Gripping, menacing, and taut!

That Cowboy of Mine is a riveting, seductive tale that takes us to Hill Country, Texas and into the life of the strong, confident Dillion Young who, after inheriting her Aunt Dolly’s ranch and deciding to stay, quickly discovers that someone desperately wants her to leave and figuring out the good guys from the bad is going to be a lot harder than she originally expected, especially when it comes to the ruggedly handsome, bull rider Cal Bennett who suspiciously turned up just when she needed him.

The writing is sharp and crisp. The characters are complex, wary, and intriguing. And the plot is a passionate tale filled with twists, turns, secrets, red herrings, lies, danger, sexual attraction, mayhem, betrayal, corruption, and steamy romance.

Overall, That Cowboy of Mine is an action-packed, twisty, satisfying standalone by Grant that kept me on my toes, warmed my heart, and certainly left me eager for more.


This book is available now.

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Thank you to SMP Romance – St. Martin’s Press for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Donna Grant

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her “totally addictive” and “unique and sensual” stories. She’s written more than thirty novels spanning multiple genres of romance including the bestselling Dark King stories, Dark Craving, Night’s Awakening, and Dawn’s Desire. Her acclaimed series, Dark Warriors, feature a thrilling combination of Druids, primeval gods, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children, a dog, and four cats in Texas.

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#BookReview I Know What You’ve Done By Dorothy Koomson @DorothyKoomson @Mobius_Books @headlinepg #IKnowWhatYouveDone #DorothyKoomson #MobiusBooksUS

#BookReview I Know What You’ve Done By Dorothy Koomson @DorothyKoomson @Mobius_Books @headlinepg #IKnowWhatYouveDone #DorothyKoomson #MobiusBooksUS Title: I Know What You've Done

Author: Dorothy Koomson

Published by: Headline Books on Apr. 26, 2022

Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 432

Format: Paperback

Source: Mobius Books US

Book Rating: 8/10

Do you have any idea what the people you know are capable of?

Bestselling author of All My Lies Are True, Dorothy Koomson, asks how well you can really know your neighbors. Fans of Lisa Jewell and Louise Candlish will rip through the pages of this addictive new thriller.

What if all your neighbors’ secrets landed in a diary on your doorstep?
What if the woman who gave it to you was murdered by one of the people in the diary?

What if the police asked if you knew anything? 

Would you hand over the book of secrets? 

Or … would you try to find out what everyone had done? 


Brisk, intense, and ominous!

Know What You’ve Done is a tortuous, simmering thriller that introduces us to Rae, a young mother who, after the recent attempted murder of one of her neighbours, discovers that no one is who they claim to be, everyone has something to hide, and danger lurks around every corner, especially for the one person who has possession of Priscilla’s coveted, tell-all journal.

The writing is edgy and tight. The characters are consumed, troubled, and secretive. And the plot is an unnerving, suspenseful tale of deception, manipulation, suspicions, revelations, nefarious intentions, indiscretions, corruption, mayhem, and violence.

Overall, Know What You’ve Done is a sinister, atmospheric, twisty whodunit by Koomson that does a wonderful job of highlighting just how easily people can be emotionally and psychologically exploited, and reminds us that even those we think we know so well often have deep, dark secrets they choose to hide.


This novel is available now.

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Thank you to Mobius Books US for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Dorothy Koomson

Hello, my name's Dorothy Koomson and I'll try to make this bit that's all about me as interesting as possible.

I wrote my first novel called There's A Thin Line Between Love And Hate when I was 13. I used to write a chapter every night then pass it around to my fellow convent school pupils every morning, and they seemed to love it.

I grew up in London and then grew up again in Leeds when I went to university. I eventually returned to London to study for my master's degree and stayed put for the following years. I took up various temping jobs and eventually got my big break writing, editing and subbing for various women's magazines and national papers.

Fiction and storytelling were still a HUGE passion of mine and I continued to write short stories and novels every spare moment that I got. In 2001 I had the idea for The Cupid Effect and my career as a published novelist began. And it's been fantastic. In 2006, my third novel, My Best Friend's Girl was published. It was incredibly successful - selling nearly 90,000 copies within its first few weeks on sale. Six weeks later, it was selected for the Richard & Judy Summer Reads Book Club and the book went on to sell over 500,000 copies. Oh, there I go again, this is meant to be about me, not my novels.

Okay, back to me. I recently spent two years living in Sydney Australia, and now I'm back in England. But I can't say for how long I'll be in the UK because I've been well and truly bitten by the travel bug.

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#BookReview Wedding Season by Michelle Major @michelle_major1 @KayePublicity @HarlequinBooks #WeddingSeason #MichelleMajor #CarolinaGirls

#BookReview Wedding Season by Michelle Major @michelle_major1 @KayePublicity @HarlequinBooks #WeddingSeason #MichelleMajor #CarolinaGirls Title: Wedding Season

Author: Michelle Major

Series: Carolina Girls #3

Published by: HQN Books on Apr. 26, 2022

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 384

Format: Paperback

Source: Kaye Publicity

Book Rating: 8.5/10

The last person she wants to see in Magnolia, North Carolina, could be exactly whom she’s been waiting for…

Mariella Jacob was one of the world’s premier bridal designers, but one viral PR disaster later, she’s trying to get her torpedoed career back on track in small-town Magnolia, North Carolina. With a secondhand store and a new business venture helping her friends turn the Wildflower Inn into a wedding venue, Mariella is finally putting at least one mistake behind her. Until that mistake—in the glowering, handsome form of Alex Ralsten—moves to Magnolia too.

Mariella ruined Alex’s wedding by announcing that his starlet bride-to-be was sleeping with Mariella’s fiancé. While he’s furious when they’re forced to work together, there’s no denying Mariella is hardworking, talented…and gorgeous. In fact, though Alex keeps reminding himself that they’re enemies, something deeper is growing…daring them to admit that a rocky past might lead to something unexpectedly wonderful.


Quaint, hopeful, and absorbing!

Wedding Season is a heartwarming, uplifting tale that takes you back to Magnolia, North Carolina and into the life of the hardworking, designer extraordinaire Mariella Jacob, as she juggles a new boutique, a partnership in the Wildflower Inn, a past that still haunts, undeniable chemistry with the one man she humiliated and hoped to never see again, and a reunion she never dreamed would happen but will ultimately change her life forever.

The prose is light and tender. The characters are resilient, supportive, and endearing. And the plot is a charming mix of life, love, family, friendship, forgiveness, understanding, attraction, self-discovery, heartfelt moments, taking chances, and moving on.

Overall, Wedding Season is another sweet, engaging, emotional tale by Major with characters I couldn’t help but root for and a swoon-worthy ending that left me smitten, satisfied, and wishing for more.


This novel is available now.

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Thank you to Kaye Publicity for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Michelle Major

Michelle Major grew up in Ohio but dreamed of living in the mountains. Soon after graduating with a degree in Journalism, she pointed her car west and settled in Colorado. Her life and house are filled with one great husband, two beautiful kids, a few furry pets and several well-behaved reptiles. She’s grateful to have found her passion writing stories with happy endings.

Photograph courtesy of Author's Goodreads Page.

#BookReview Dream Town (Archer #3) by David Baldacci @davidbaldacci @GrandCentralPub #DavidBaldacci #DreamTown #ArcherSeries

#BookReview Dream Town (Archer #3) by David Baldacci @davidbaldacci @GrandCentralPub #DavidBaldacci #DreamTown #ArcherSeries Title: Dream Town

Author: David Baldacci

Series: Archer #3

Published by: Grand Central Publishing on Apr. 19, 2022

Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 432

Format: Hardcover

Source: Grand Central Publishing

Book Rating: 9/10

Private investigator and World War II veteran Aloysius Archer heads to Los Angeles, the city where dreams are made and shattered, and is ensnared in a lethal case in this latest thriller in #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci’s Nero Award-winning series.  

It’s the eve of 1953, and Aloysius Archer is in Los Angeles to ring in the New Year with an old friend, aspiring actress Liberty Callahan, when their evening is interrupted by an acquaintance of Callahan’s: Eleanor Lamb, a screenwriter in dire straits.
After a series of increasingly chilling events—mysterious phone calls, the same blue car loitering outside her house, and a bloody knife left in her sink—Eleanor fears that her life is in danger, and she wants to hire Archer to look into the matter. Archer suspects that Eleanor knows more than she’s saying, but before he can officially take on her case, a dead body turns up inside of Eleanor’s home . . . and Eleanor herself disappears. 
Missing client or not, Archer is dead set on finding both the murderer and Eleanor. With the help of Callahan and his partner Willie Dash, he launches an investigation that will take him from mob-ridden Las Vegas to the glamorous world of Hollywood to the darkest corners of Los Angeles—a city in which beautiful faces are attached to cutthroat schemers, where the cops can be more corrupt than the criminals . . . and where the powerful people responsible for his client’s disappearance will kill without a moment’s hesitation if they catch Archer on their trail. 


Rich, gritty, and menacing!

Dream Town is a mysterious, gripping tale that takes us back into the life of Aloysius Archer as he decides to head down to the City of Angeles, where his friend Liberty is just starting to make her mark on Hollywood and where his PI skills will once again come in handy when a writer who is afraid for her life suddenly goes missing and the trail to find her is littered with dead bodies, corruption, smuggling, drugs, blackmail and gangsters.

The prose is vivid and smooth. The characters are loyal, determined, and brave. And the plot is a well-paced, twisty whodunit full of red herrings, sleuthing, suspicious personalities, deduction, attraction, coercion, danger, mayhem, mischief, and murder.

Dream Town is the third book in the Archer series, and if you love mysteries set in the glitz and glamour of 1950s Tinseltown, this one won’t disappoint. It’s an intricate, tight, satisfying read by Baldacci, and I can’t wait to read whatever this steadfast gumshoe gets himself tied up in next.


This book is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.




Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About David Baldacci

David Baldacci is a global #1 bestselling author, and one of the world’s favorite storytellers. His books are published in over 45 languages and in more than 80 countries, with over 130 million worldwide sales. His works have been adapted for both feature film and television. David Baldacci is also the cofounder, along with his wife, of the Wish You Well Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting literacy efforts across America. Still a resident of his native Virginia, he invites you to visit him at and his foundation at

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#BookReview The Boyfriend by Michelle Frances @PGCBooks @panmacmillan #TheBoyfriend #MichelleFrances #PGCBooks

#BookReview The Boyfriend by Michelle Frances @PGCBooks @panmacmillan #TheBoyfriend #MichelleFrances #PGCBooks Title: The Boyfriend

Author: Michelle Frances

Published by: Pan Macmillan on Mar. 31, 2022

Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 432

Format: Paperback

Source: Publishers Group Canada

Book Rating: 8/10

Amy is fiercely independent, with a high-powered career, a flat of her own and tight-knit friendships. But as she approaches her thirtieth birthday, she can’t help but rue the one thing she doesn’t have – a relationship.

When Amy comes round following a serious fall, she doesn’t remember anything from the last six months. Not even the week skiing at her aunt’s luxurious chalet in Val D’Isere with her mum and best friends to celebrate her birthday. And she certainly doesn’t remember being swept off her feet by the handsome Dr Jack Stewart . . .

Jack is the full package – charming, caring and devoted to Amy. Everyone is smitten with him, but as the week goes on, Amy begins to find Jack’s presence chilling. Is her broken mind playing tricks? Or is the perfect boyfriend really too good to be true?


Cunning, ominous, and compelling!

The Boyfriend is an intense, unsettling, crafty thrill ride that takes you into the life of the driven, successful Amy Kennedy who, after suffering a fall shortly before heading to Val D’Islere with her mother and best friends to celebrate her thirtieth birthday, finds her memory of the last six months in tatters and the question of whether the handsome, attentive Dr. Jack Stewart, is really who he claims to be or merely a stranger with malicious intentions.

The prose is eerie and tight. The characters are unreliable, desperate, and deceitful. And the plot is a simmering, engrossing tale full of lies, secrets, manipulation, mayhem, greed, violence, and murder.

Overall, The Boyfriend is another taut, satisfying, sinister tale by Frances that kept me entertained, engaged, and guessing from start to finish.


This novel is available now.

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Thank you to Publishers Group Canada for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Michelle Frances

Michelle Frances graduated from Bournemouth Film School and then from the Masters programme at the American Film Institute, Los Angeles. Returning to London, she has worked for several years in film and TV as a script editor and producer for both the independent sector and the BBC.

Her first novel, The Girlfriend, became an international best seller.

#BookReview The Dachshund Wears Prada by Stefanie London @Stefanie_London @HarlequinBooks #TheDachshundWearsPrada #StefanieLondon

#BookReview The Dachshund Wears Prada by Stefanie London @Stefanie_London @HarlequinBooks #TheDachshundWearsPrada #StefanieLondon Title: The Dachshund Wears Prada

Author: Stefanie London

Series: Paws in the City #1

Published by: HQN Books on May 3, 2022

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 336

Format: ARC, eBook

Source: Stefanie London

Book Rating: 9/10

How do you start over when the biggest mistake of your life has more than one million views?

Forget diamonds—the internet is forever. Social media consultant Isla Thompson learned that lesson the hard way when she went viral for all the wrong reasons. A month later, Isla is still having nightmares about the moment she ruined a young starlet’s career and made herself the most unemployable influencer in Manhattan. But she doesn’t have the luxury of hiding until she’s no longer Instagram poison. Not when her fourteen-year-old sister, Dani, needs Isla to keep a roof over their heads. So, she takes the first job she can get: caring for Camilla, a glossy-maned, foul-tempered hellhound.

After a week of ferrying Camilla from playdates to pet psychics, Isla starts to suspect that the dachshund’s bark is worse than her bite—just like her owner, Theo Garrison. Isla has spent her career working to make people likable and here’s Theo—happy to hide behind his reputation as a brutish recluse. But Theo isn’t a brute—he’s sweet and funny, and Isla should not see him as anything but the man who signs her paychecks. Because loving Theo would mean retreating to his world of secluded luxury, and Isla needs to show Dani that no matter the risk, dreams are always worth chasing.


Cute, tender, and light!

The Dachshund Wears Prada is a heartwarming, uplifting tale that takes you on a journey into the life of social media specialist Isla Thompson as after an unfortunate turn of events, her career is in tatters, and she finds herself inadvertently taking the job of dog carer for the spoilt, spunky, four-legged Camilla whose owner the aloof, sexy Theo Garrison may just require a little assistance of his own.

The writing is humorous and sweet. The characters are hesitant, charming, and supportive. And the plot is a delightfully engaging mix of friendship, family, life, introspection, secrets, communication, compromise, taking chances, and finding love.

Overall, The Dachshund Wears Prada is another adorable, passionate, addictive read by London that, as is typical when I finish any of her books, has left me already looking forward to whatever she comes up with next.


This book is available May 3, 2022!

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.




Thank you to Stefanie London for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Stefanie London

USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance with humour, heat and heart. Also llamas.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia Stefanie now lives in Toronto, Canada with her wonderful husband. She loves to read, collect lipsticks, watch zombie movies and drink coffee.

Her bestselling book, Pretend It’s Love, is a 2016 Romantic Book of the Year finalist with the Romance Writers of Australia.

#BookReview Water’s Edge by Gregg Olsen @Gregg_Olsen @GrandCentralPub #GreggOlsen #WatersEdge #DetectiveMeganCarpenterSeries #GrandCentralPub

#BookReview Water’s Edge by Gregg Olsen @Gregg_Olsen @GrandCentralPub #GreggOlsen #WatersEdge #DetectiveMeganCarpenterSeries #GrandCentralPub Title: Water's Edge

Author: Gregg Olsen

Series: Detective Meghan Carpenter #2

Published by: Grand Central Publishing on Mar. 15, 2022

Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 320

Format: Paperback

Source: Grand Central Publishing

Book Rating: 9/10

The young woman’s body is lying with her arms stretched out to each side. Her lips slightly parted. Her face untouched by injury and her hair spread around her head like a fan. A redhead. Just like the others.

When the body of Leann Truitt is found in a secluded cove in Mystery Bay, Detective Megan Carpenter is one of the first on the scene. The victim has tell-tale marks on her wrists, ankles and neck where she has been bound. But that’s not all. Next to Leann’s body lies a puzzling clue – an unusual symbol scratched into a rock.

With rookie Deputy Ronnie Marsh under her wing and the investigation underway, Megan starts to receive disturbing messages. Someone knows about her traumatic past. They know what she did.

Determined to stay focussed, Megan soon makes a chilling link between Leann’s brutal killing and the unsolved murder cases of two other women – all redheads with the same marks on their bodies, the same symbol carvings found at the crime scenes, and most shockingly, all had been pregnant.

The killer stalks his prey, kidnapping and torturing them in a very exact and methodical pattern. And he is not finished yet…

When the body of another woman is found bearing a striking resemblance to the other victims, Megan must crack the clues fast if she is to catch the twisted soul before they strike again.

Megan might be closing in on the killer, but someone is watching her every move. Can Megan hide the secrets of her past threatening to destroy her future? And can she protect herself and Ronnie before they both find themselves in terrible danger?


Dark, chilling, and skillfully crafted!

In this second instalment in the Detective Megan Carpenter series, Water’s Edge, Olsen has written a sinister police procedural that sees Detective Carpenter reluctantly working with a new partner, Reserve Deputy Ronnie Marsh, on a case that inadvertently turns into a hunt for a serial killer when the body of a woman left beaten, strangled and floating in a secluded cove seems to have too many similarities to several other murders that still remain unsolved in the area.

The writing is seamless and tight. The characterization is spot on, with the scarred and stubborn Megan Carpenter still battling her own emotional demons and haunted past. And the plot, including all the subplots, intertwine and unravel quickly into a gripping tale of twists, turns, deception, revelations, emotion, violence, and murder.

Overall, Water’s Edge is another thrilling, addictive, propulsive addition to a series that, with its flawed characters, great pace, and constant sense of urgency, is quickly becoming one of my faves.


This book is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.




Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Gregg Olsen

A #1 New York Times bestselling true-crime writer, Gregg Olsen is praised for his ability to create a detailed narrative that offers readers fascinating insights into the lives of real people and fictional characters caught in extraordinary circumstances. He has authored ten nonfiction books, over twenty novels, a novella, and a short story, which appeared in a collection edited by Lee Child. In addition to television and radio appearances, he has been featured in Redbook, USA Today, People, Salon magazine, Seattle Times, Los Angeles Times and the New York Post. He is a native of Seattle and currently lives in rural Washington state.

#BookReview Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez @readforeverpub @grandcentralpub #ReadForever #ReadForeverPub #ReadForever2022 #PartofYourWorldBook #AbbyJimenez #TheFriendZoneSeries

#BookReview Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez @readforeverpub @grandcentralpub #ReadForever #ReadForeverPub #ReadForever2022 #PartofYourWorldBook #AbbyJimenez #TheFriendZoneSeries Title: Part of Your World

Author: Abby Jimenez

Series: The Friend Zone #4

Published by: Forever on Apr. 19, 2022

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 400

Format: ARC, Paperback

Source: Forever

Book Rating: 10/10

The New York Times bestselling author of Life’s Too Short delivers a refreshingly modern fairy tale perfect for fans of Casey McQuiston and Emily Henry.

After a wild bet, gourmet grilled-cheese sandwich, and cuddle with a baby goat, Alexis Montgomery has had her world turned upside down. The cause: Daniel Grant, a ridiculously hot carpenter who’s ten years younger than her and as casual as they come—the complete opposite of sophisticated city-girl Alexis. And yet their chemistry is undeniable.

While her ultra-wealthy parents want her to carry on the family legacy of world-renowned surgeons, Alexis doesn’t need glory or fame. She’s fine with being a “mere” ER doctor. And every minute she spends with Daniel and the tight-knit town where he lives, she’s discovering just what’s really important. Yet letting their relationship become anything more than a short-term fling would mean turning her back on her family and giving up the opportunity to help thousands of people.

Bringing Daniel into her world is impossible, and yet she can’t just give up the joy she’s found with him either. With so many differences between them, how can Alexis possibly choose between her world and his?


Quaint, alluring, and undeniably affecting!

Part of Your World is a sweet, intimate, evocative tale that takes you into the life of ER doctor Alexis Montgomery as she struggles to juggle a successful career, a toxic ex, weighty familial expectations, and a budding attraction to a man almost ten years her junior who seems to be slowly stealing her heart piece by piece.

The writing is heartwarming and tender. The characterization is spot on with a wonderful cast of characters that are multilayered, quirky, amusing, and endearing. And the plot unwinds and unravels effortlessly into a beguiling tale bursting with heart, hope, healing, and heat.

Part of Your World is, ultimately, a story about life, love, expectations, trust, forgiveness, family, friendship, community, relationship dynamics, and discovering one’s true self. It is an addictive, moving, exceptionally romantic novel by Jimenez that is hands down one of my favourite reads of the year and is, without a doubt, another brilliant novel by an author I can never get enough of.

This book is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.




Thank you to Forever & Grand Central Publishing for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Abby Jimenez

Abby Jimenez is a Food Network champion, motivational speaker, and contemporary romance novelist living in Minnesota. Abby founded Nadia Cakes out of her home kitchen in 2007. The bakery has since gone on to open multiple locations in two states, won numerous Food Network competitions and amassed an international cult following. Abby has since turned her talents to penning novels. She loves a good book, coffee, doglets, and not leaving the house.

Photograph courtesy of Author's Goodreads Page.

#BookReview The Midwife by Tricia Cresswell @PGCBooks @panmacmillan #TheMidwife #TriciaCresswell #PGCBooks

#BookReview The Midwife by Tricia Cresswell @PGCBooks @panmacmillan #TheMidwife #TriciaCresswell #PGCBooks Title: The Midwife

Author: Tricia Cresswell

Published by: Pan Macmillan on Apr. 5, 2022

Genres: Historical Fiction

Pages: 352

Format: Paperback

Source: Publishers Group Canada

Book Rating: 8.5/10

1830. After a violent storm, a woman is found alone, naked, near death on the Northumberland moors. She has no memory of who she is or how she got there. But she can remember how to help a woman in labour, how to expertly dress a wound and can speak fluent French. With the odds against her – a penniless single woman – she starts to build her life from scratch, using her skills to help other woman around her. She finds a happy place in the world. Until tragedy strikes, and she must run for her life.

In London, Dr Borthwick lives a solitary life working as an accoucheur together with his midwife, Mrs Bates, dealing with mothers and babies in both the elegant homes of high society, and alongside a young widow, Eleanor Johnson, volunteering in the slums of the Devil’s Acre. His professional reputation is spotless and he keeps his private life just as clean, isolating himself from any new acquaintances. He is harbouring a dark secret from his past, one that threatens to spill over everything.

A haunting and moving debut, The Midwife by Tricia Cresswell is perfect for fans of The Familiars and The Binding.


Multilayered, absorbing, and mysterious!

The Midwife is a raw, expressive, compelling tale set in England during the early 1800s when women were forbidden to practice medicine, childbirth still resulted in high mortality rates, and midwifery was grossly underappreciated and frowned upon by the majority of physicians.

The prose is evocative and rich. The characters are intelligent, troubled, and secretive. And the plot is a suspenseful, engrossing tale about life, loss, duty, friendship, family, determination, courage, self-identity, and the evolution and procedures of early obstetrics and gynaecology.

The Midwife is an atmospheric, alluring, beautifully written novel by Cresswell that grabs you from the very first page and does a remarkable job of blending historical facts with captivating fiction that’s both intriguing and exceptionally immersive.


This novel is available now.

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Thank you to PGC Books for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Tricia Cresswell

Tricia Cresswell is a retired public health doctor. She temporarily returned to work in spring 2020 in support of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and volunteered as a vaccinator. She achieved a Distinction in her Creative Writing MA at Newcastle University in 2017. Creative response to the climate emergency has now taken priority in her writing.