#BookReview A Field Guide to Internet Boyfriends by Esther Zuckerman @Running_Press @readforeverpub #EstherZuckerman #RunningPressAdult Title: A Field Guide to Internet Boyfriends

Author: Esther Zuckerman

Published by: Running Press Adult on Nov. 10, 2020

Pages: 200

Format: Hardcover

Source: Forever

Book Rating: 8/10

From Keanu Reeves and Idris Elba to Timothee Chalamet, A Field Guide to Internet Boyfriends is the ultimate celebration of the suave, sexy, sensitive, and silly celebrities who have captured our hearts and memes! 

Handsome and heartfelt, with winning smiles and pinnable Tweets — this is what Internet Boyfriends are made of. But who are these meme-able men, and what makes them catch fire online? Discover the answers to these questions and more in A Field Guide to Internet Boyfriends, an interactive exploration of our collective crushes. 

Entertainment journalist Esther Zuckerman breaks down the world of Internet Boyfriends — and even a few Internet Girlfriends — from documentary-style “spotting guides” to discussions on the key categories of boyfriend, like Sensitive Souls, Beautiful Boys and Daddys. A playful, teen magazine-style quiz — to help readers find their ideal crush — and in-depth profiles of some of the most beloved Internet Boyfriends and Girlfriends, from Ryan Gosling (the original) to Harry Styles (the Gen Z icon) to Janelle Monae (the space queen), round out this fully-illustrated romp through the celebs behind the memes.


Charming, funny, and informative!

A Field Guide to Internet Boyfriends is a witty, quick, lighthearted read featuring all those male, and some female, celebrities who seem to grace the top of all the crush-worthy lists at the moment.

The writing is sharp and humorous. And the novel is a well thought out collection of facts and trivia of all those we love to love, and sometimes even hate.

Overall, I found A Field Guide to Internet Boyfriends to be an easy, comical, interesting compilation by Zuckerman that’s the perfect holiday treat for anyone on your list who loves pop culture.


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Thank you to Running Press and Forever for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Esther Zuckerman

Esther Zuckerman is an entertainment journalist whose work has been published by Thrillist, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, Refinery29, and The A.V. Club, among others. Esther lives and writes in Los Angeles.

Photograph courtesy of Hatchette Book Group Website.

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