#BookReview Her Last Breath by Hilary Davidson @AmazonPub @ThomasAllenLTD #HerLastBreath #HilaryDavidson #Thomas&Mercer Title: Her Last Breath

Author: Hilary Davidson

Published by: Thomas & Mercer on Jul. 1, 2021

Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 301

Format: Paperback

Source: Thomas Allen & Son

Book Rating: 8/10

From the bestselling author of One Small Sacrifice comes a suspenseful thriller about a dead woman who predicted her own murder—and the sister who won’t let the truth be buried.

When her beloved sister Caroline dies suddenly, Deirdre is heartbroken. However, her sorrow turns to bone-chilling confusion when she receives a message Caroline sent days earlier warning that her death would be no accident. Long used to being a pariah to her family, Deirdre covers her tattoos and heads to Manhattan for her sister’s funeral.

The message claimed Caroline’s husband, Theo, killed his first wife and got away with it. Reeling from the news, Deirdre confronts Theo on the way to the cemetery, and he reveals both his temper and his suspicion that Deirdre’s “perfect” sister was having an affair.

Paranoid and armed with just enough information to make her dangerous, Deirdre digs into the disturbing secrets buried with Caroline. But as she gets closer to the truth, she realizes that her own life may be at risk…and that there may be more than one killer in the family.


Sinister, twisty, and simmering!

Her Last Breath is a gripping, sophisticated, domestic thriller that delves into the dynamic and intricate bonds between family members and reminds us that everything is not always as it seems and behind all those smiling, happy faces often hides an abundance of secrets, lies, and swirling emotions.

The writing is menacing and tight. The characters are complex, secretive, and troubled. And the plot told from alternating perspectives is ominous and intense as it subtly twists, turns, and unravels all the personalities, motivations, actions, and relationships within it.

Her Last Breath, at its core, is a novel about deception, familial strife, marital discord, manipulation, jealousy, obsession, justice, and murder. It’s menacing, intense, creepy, and overall, in my opinion, a satisfying whodunit.


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Thank you to Thomas Allen & Son for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Hilary Davidson

“Her voice is a fresh and welcome addition to the noir landscape.”
— Los Angeles Review of Books

Hilary Davidson was a journalist before she turned to the dark side and started writing crime fiction. Her novels include the award-winning Lily Moore series—The Damage Done, The Next One to Fall, and Evil in All Its Disguises—the bestselling Shadows of New York series—One Small Sacrifice and Don’t Look Down—and the standalone novels Blood Always Tells and Her Last Breath. She is also the author of some fifty short stories. Her fiction has won two Anthony Awards, a Derringer Award, and a host of other accolades. Toronto born and raised, she moved to New York City in October 2001. She is also the author of eighteen nonfiction books.

Photo by Anna Ty Bergman.

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