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So I have to admit that this week for the first time in a very, very long time I gave up on a book. I was given an ARC copy of Edgar & Lucy an upcoming release from St. Martin’s Press that’s 544 pages in length with an extremely somber storyline, and after reading it for several hours and getting about 25% in the thought of continuing on with characters I couldn’t connect with and really didn’t like was a little too daunting and depressing. I do think that many people will absolutely love this book and if anyone out there has finished it I would love to hear your thoughts. However, there are just too many other books to enjoy so for now it will have to go back on the “To Read” shelf.

Have a great week!

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#CoverReveal The Best Man by Barbie Bohrman @BarbieBohrman @NazareaAndrews


Today we have the gorgeous cover reveal for

The Best Man by Barbie Bohrman!

Check it out and grab your copy March 28th!



Author: Barbie Bohrman

Genre: Contemporary romance

Release Day: March 28th


About The Best Man:

Veronica Webber is single again after being in a loveless marriage way past its expiration date. For the first time in a very long time, she feels free and after being burned so badly by love in the past, any thought of romance is the last thing on her mind.

In walks a man from her past, Trevor Allen, a tall, dark, and handsome womanizer who is usually all about the bottom line. For Trevor that bottom line has always been made up of the countless notches on his bedpost. But when he sees Veronica after so many years, he can’t help but be drawn to her and know her again… even if that means being friend-zoned from the start.

As this unlikely pair spends more and more time together, they quickly realize that there might be something between them that goes past “just friends.” But there’s just one tiny detail that makes this situation slightly more complicated… Trevor was Veronica’s ex-husband’s best man at their wedding nine years ago.

So when past mistakes and indiscretions come back to haunt them, will their happily ever after end before it even gets started?

Or will the best man win this time.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

I couldn’t pinpoint how I had been feeling for the past couple of days, but I was just… I don’t know. Off my game, I guess was the best way to put it. And the worst part was I knew exactly when and why this all started for me.

Ever since I’d seen Veronica off from my apartment this past Saturday, I couldn’t shake her from my thoughts no matter how hard I tried. And trust me, I had tried. But then my mind would wander and then the next thing I knew, I would remember how beautiful she looked as she peeled away a layer of insecurity at a time during our night out. I’d recall how she exuded that confidence at the karaoke bar that I found so alluring in any woman, but in Veronica, it was off the fucking charts sexy. And then I’d be reminded of how I slowly undressed her with care and put her in my bed for the night. All of her flawless, soft skin on display, the way her long legs stretched as I pulled her skirt off of her and the barely there lace panties she had on. As if all of that wasn’t enough to torture a mere mortal man such as myself, when I helped to remove her sweater and I got a damn good eyeful of the matching bra, it had taken every ounce of effort to not run the backs of my knuckles softly and slowly against the swells of her breasts. My dick was getting hard just thinking about it all over again. The images were still as vivid as if it had happened a minute ago… and I knew I was a piece of shit for thinking about any of it. For picturing Veronica over, around, and under me; for imagining her plump lips wrapped around my dick; for knowing how sweet she would taste against my tongue and how hard I could make her come.

“Fuck,” I muttered under my breath and ran a hand down my face. “What the hell is wrong with me?”

I should have gone out for lunch with Jack. Maybe the momentary change of scenery would have helped to keep my mind busy because studying up on the new client was quickly becoming a distant memory. Maybe the one thing Jack said was right though… I needed to get laid. And since Veronica was obviously not an option, I had to go elsewhere for the relief my dick was so sorely in need of. Because there was no way that my sanity could afford to wake up one more day this week with a case of blue balls. I was but one man.

My mind was racing through a mental catalog of women I knew that I could request the pleasure of the company of their pussy. They were women that knew without any prompting that I was the kind of guy you didn’t bring home to meet your parents. I had always appreciated those women the most; the ones that didn’t need the introduction or the “talk.” All they wanted or ever needed from me was a fuck. And that worked out perfectly as far as I was concerned.

Let’s see, I could call either Patsy, Bridget, Mary, Liv…

As soon as Liv’s name popped into focus, I knew she was the one I needed to reach out to. We had met at some sort of meet and greet for under-thirty-entrepreneur-shindig when I was technically under thirty some time last year. She was a tall, leggy blonde with perfect tits and an ass that I could bounce quarters off of. Liv and I had hit it off that first time we met, fucked, whatever. What made her different than other women was that right off the bat, she was the one to tell me that she had no intention of wanting any kind of relationship. Ever. So since that first time we slept together, she had been someone I knew I could call on to take the edge off. She hadn’t let me down yet, and I sure as hell hoped that she wouldn’t tonight.

I shot off a quick text to Liv:

Can you meet me later?

It didn’t take too long until I saw the familiar three flashing dots and then her response:

I can. Where and when?

Smiling, I knew I was in good hands and texted her back the name of a bar that was walking distance from my apartment that we could meet up at and the time. She was quick with her response:

See you there.


About Barbie Bohrman:

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Barbie Bohrman dreamed of becoming an author. Long after she had given up, a book club’s prologue contest enticed her to give it one more go. What emerged were the beginnings of her debut novel, Promise Me. Now she’s living her dream and writing stories that entice readers to escape and break away from reality. When she’s not writing, you can find her trying to get through the books on her Kindle (more than a thousand at last count) or watching Lost or Seinfeld. She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband, two children, and two dogs.


Connect with Barbie:



Twitter~ @BarbieBohrman

Instagram~ @barbiebohrman


Amazon Author Page~


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Some Noteworthy Book Releases February 2017


February 2

  • Anything You Can Do – R. S. Grey

February 6

February 7

February 14

February 16

February 21

  • Most Dangerous Place – James Grippando
  • The Orphan’s Tale – Pam Jenoff
  • A Piece of the World – Christina Baker Kline
  • Porcelain – Lee Cockburn

February 28

  • A Million Little Things – Susan Mallery

#PromoPost Unspoken Promises by H.P. Davenport @hpdavenportauth

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Are you ready to meet Lincoln Gates and Morgan Kennedy? Unspoken Promises by H.P. Davenport releases on January 16th!  You don’t want to miss Morgan and Lincoln’s beautiful story.   


Unspoken Promises are worse than lies.

Morgan Kennedy and Lincoln Gates have been in love since high school. Their friends have envied their devotion to not only each other, but also the life they’ve made together. From the outside looking in, their relationship is perfect. One mirrored of fairytales. But behind the door, Morgan isn’t feeling as fulfilled as she once did. She wants more. She wants the glass slipper and the happily ever after.

What Lincoln and Morgan don’t anticipate is that a horrific event is about to make them second-guess their wants.

*´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•`Beautiful love story!

Love emotional love stories? One full of angst, twists and the true power of forever love? Look no further, meet Camryn Townsend and Jamieson Banks by H.P. Davenport today. This beautifully, poignant and heart-twisting story awaits you! #1-click now for only .99 & free for KU subscribers.


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Two lives…as close to perfect as they can be.
Camryn Townsend has everything she’s always dreamed of…an amazing family, supportive friends, and the perfect job. Everything a girl could want. Or is it? A trip back to her childhood home threatens to unravel her web of perfection.
Her problem…she’s in love with her best friend and she’s too scared to sacrifice their friendship for a love she’s always wanted. 
Jamie Banks’ life is the epitome of perfection. His company is thriving, his band is on the cusp of stardom, and the girl he loves is returning home.
His problem…the girl he loves has been his best friend for as long as he can remember and he’s not sure he’s ready to sacrifice his best friend for a lover. Pursuing a relationship with the possibility of losing her has him second-guessing everything he knows.
Unspoken words are the only thing standing in their way.

Some Noteworthy Book Releases – January 2017

Some Noteworthy Book Releases in November 2016!



November 1

November 3

November 4

  • It’s Not You It’s Them – Portia MacIntosh

November 15

  • Chaos – Patricia Cornwell
  • Filthy Rich – Raine Miller
  • No Man’s Land – David Baldacci

November 16

  • While You We’re Sleeping – Kathryn Croft

November 21

  • Holiday with a Twist – Shannon Stacey
  • Just Drive – L.A. Witt

November 22

  • Storm Cell – Brendan Dubois
  • Victoria – Daisy Goodwin

November 29

  • To Capture What We Cannot Keep – Beatrice Colin

Some Noteworthy Book Releases in October 2016!



October 3

  • Dark Water – Sara Bailey

October 4

  • Without Mercy – Jefferson Bass
  • Winter Storms – Elin Hilderbrand

October 6

  • All She Ever Wished For – Claudia Carroll

October 7

  • One Christmas in Paris – Mandy Baggot

October 10

  • Searching for Disaster – Jennifer Probst

October 11

  • Bolshoi Confidential – Simon Morrison
  • Order to Kill – Vince Flynn

October 13

  • I Kill – Lex Lander

October 18

  • To Love and to Cherish – Lauren Layne
  • The Boy is Back – Meg Cabot
  • The German Girl – Armando Lucas Correa
  • Mistletoe Games – Jaci Burton

October 25

  • The Witches of New York – Ami McKay
  • The Whistler – John Grisham

October 31

  • Moondance – Diane Chandler

Some Noteworthy Book Releases in September!



September 1

September 6

September 12

  • The 48-Hour Hookup – Sarah Ballance

September 13

  • You’re the One That I Want – Angela Britnell

September 14

September 20

September 23

September 27

  • Sparking the Fire – Kate Meader
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