#BlogTour #BookReview The Lighthouse Sisters by Gill Thompson @wordkindling @Mobius_Books #TheLighthouseSisters #GillThompson #MobiusBooksUS Title: The Lighthouse Sisters

Author: Gill Thompson

Published by: Headline Books on Oct. 11, 2022

Genres: Historical Fiction

Pages: 352

Format: Paperback

Source: Mobius Books US

Book Rating: 9/10

1996: The war may have ended decades earlier, but for the elegant woman sitting alone now, the images live on in her memory: her sister’s carefree laughter, the inky black of a German soldier’s boots, the little boats that never came back. And the one constant through it all: the lighthouse that always guided them back to the island.

1940: For sisters Alice and Jenny life is just beginning when the Nazis seize control of the island of Jersey, driving the girls down separate paths. While Alice is forced by the enemy to work in the German hospital, Jenny is attracted to the circle of islanders rising up to resist the occupiers. And as the war tightens its grip, it will cause each of the sisters to make an extraordinary choice, experience unimaginable heartbreak and emerge forever changed…


Absorbing, moving, and impactful!

The Lighthouse Sisters is a poignant, immersive tale predominantly set in Jersey that takes you into the lives of the Robinson family, especially two sisters, Alice, a young nurse working in the local hospital, and Jenny, a bright scholar destined for Cambridge, whose lives are unimaginably changed forever when their homeland is occupied by the Germans during WWII.

The prose is eloquent and expressive. The characters are brave, tenacious, and determined. And the plot is an exceptionally touching tale about life, loss, family, secrets, separation, desperation, forbidden love, tragedy, friendship, and the horrors of war.

Overall, The Lighthouse Sisters is a captivating, emotional, beautifully written tale by Thompson inspired by real-life events that reminds us that there’s always a light that guides us home, and survival of any kind often involves heartbreaking choices, moral dilemmas, action, spirit, and beyond all else, sacrifice and courage.

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Thank you to Mobius Books US for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Gill Thompson

Gill Thompson is an English lecturer who completed an MA in Creative Writing at Chichester University. Her novels THE OCEANS BETWEEN US and THE CHILD ON PLATFORM ONE were both digital bestsellers and have been highly acclaimed. She lives with her family in West Sussex and teaches English to college students.