#BookReview S is for Stranger by Louise Stone @writercharlie Title: S is for Stranger

Author: Louise Stone

Published by: Carina UK on Jun. 16, 2016

Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 234

Format: eBook, ARC

Source: Carina UK, NetGalley

Book Rating: 8/10

There are two sides to every story.

But only one is true.

Sophie wished she’d paid more attention when her little daughter, Amy, caught sight of a stranger watching them. She only looked away for a second. But now Amy’s gone.

No one trusts an alcoholic. Even a sober one. The police are suspicious of Sophie’s tangled story and so is her ex-husband, Paul. Especially when new information emerges that changes everything.

But what if Sophie is telling the truth? What if her daughter really is missing? And what if that stranger at the fairground wasn’t really a stranger at all…


Intriguing, engrossing, and disturbing!

This is a gripping psychological thriller that brings every parents worst nightmare to life and reminds us that everything is not always as it seems.

The main character, Sophie, is distraught, determined, and relentless. And the supporting characters are strong, bold, and complex.

The writing is well done. And the plot is precise, intense, creative, and suspenseful.

This is a really good, fast-paced novel, and I highly recommend it.


This book is due to be published on June 16, 2016.

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For more information on Louise Stone, visit her website at: writercharlie.com

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Thank you to NetGalley, especially Carina UK, for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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