**Thank you to everyone who would like to send me there book for review. I am truly honoured. However, I am currently inundated with requests and therefore at this time am only able to accept requests from those authors/publishers I have worked with previously or those who have no time frame for their review to be completed! I do promise to start accepting more requests as soon as I have worked through my current backlog. Thanks again for thinking of me.**

The genres I am interested in receiving review requests for are:

  • Contemporary Romance

  • General Fiction

  • Mystery/Thrillers

  • Historical Fiction


If you would like to request a review please complete the form below with the following details:

  • Title and Author of book

  • Publisher (or self published)

  • Genre

  • Synopsis or Summary of Book (with a link if available)

  • Length of Book

  • Publication Date

  • Time Frame for Review to be Completed


Please Note:

I will only accept requests from books that I find interesting, and I can’t guarantee a time frame in which reading and reviewing of the book will be carried out. However, I will try my best to complete the review prior to publication if the book has yet to be published.

I will review all requests that are sent to me and will respond in a timely fashion.

I can accept books in either .mobi or .epub format.

All my reviews will be posted to Amazon.ca; Amazon.com; Amazon.co.uk; Chapters/Indigo; and Goodreads

I try to always post honest but positive reviews, so if I have trouble finishing a book or feel my review would not be beneficial, I will not post a review and will advise you thereafter.

Thanks so much!

Request Form 

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