Can’t-Wait Wednesday hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings is a weekly
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This week the book I’m waiting on and excited to read is …



Inspired by the real life kidnapping of Abby Hernandez which happened in the author’s small home town in New Hampshire, USA. 

My name is Flora Dane. Once I was the plaything for a monster. Now, I am a hunter of predators. I am a victim. I am a vigilante. But mostly I am a survivor.

Serial killer Jacob Ness is dead.

His final victim, Flora Dane, knows this to be true because she is the one who put a bullet through his brain. After four hundred and seventy-two days held captive in a box no bigger than a coffin, Flora took revenge against the evil that almost broke her. 

But even after everything Flora has done to banish the memories, the ghost of Jacob Ness still plagues her. Her only solace is prowling the streets of Boston, searching for girls like the one she used to be – wild, trusting, naïve – and saving them from the monsters that lay in wait. 

So when Flora is offered a place in the FBI task force committed to hunting down every last trace of Ness’ atrocities, she can’t refuse. As the last person to see Ness alive, she sadly knows him better than anyone alive.

A body with links to Ness has been discovered in the hills of a small town in the Deep South, and Flora is the key to uncovering whether more secrets may be lurking beneath the surface. But this is the kind of town that doesn’t take kindly to strangers asking questions. As Flora comes face to face with the horrors of her kidnapping, she may realise too late that this is the kind of town she might not leave alive.



What do you think? It sounds so good, doesn’t it! 


Have you had a chance to read When You See Me or any other books in the Detective D.D. Warren Series by Lisa Gardner?


Will it be added to your TBR shelf?


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