#BookReview The Air He Breathes by Brittainy Cherry @SourcebooksCasa #BrittainyCherry #TheAirHeBreathes #ElementsSeries #SourcebooksCasa Title: The Air He Breathes

Author: Brittainy Cherry

Series: Elements #1

Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca on Mar. 19, 2024

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 336

Format: Paperback

Source: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Book Rating: 9/10

I was warned about Tristan Cole.

“Stay away from him,” people said. “He’s cruel. He’s cold. He’s damaged.”

It’s easy to judge a man because of his past. To look at Tristan and see a monster. But I couldn’t do that. I had to accept the wreckage that lived inside of him because it also lived inside of me.

We were both empty. We were both looking for something else. Something more. We both wanted to put together the shattered pieces of our yesterdays.

Then perhaps we could finally remember how to breathe.


Hopeful, passionate, and heart-wrenching!

The Air He Breathes is an angsty, emotional tale that takes you into the lives of Tristan Cole, a young widower still struggling to find a reason to go on after losing his wife and son in a tragic accident, and Elizabeth, a newly widowed mother of a little girl who is still grappling herself with the sudden loss of her husband and with the all-consuming grief that is preventing her from moving on.

The writing is smooth and tender. The characters are multi-layered, scarred, and lonely. And the plot, including all the subplots, skillfully intertwines and unravels into a touching tale about life, love, guilt, grief, family, secrets, mistakes, friendship, happiness, self-discovery, obsession, deception, relationship dynamics, mental health, new beginnings, and the day-to-day struggles of dealing with extreme loss.

Overall, The Air He Breathes is a beautiful mix of hope, heart, tragedy, and healing that is not only a heartrending, emotive, lovely novel by Cherry but one which I don’t think anyone could possibly read and not be absorbed and thoroughly moved.


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Thank you to Sourcebooks Casablanca for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Brittainy Cherry

Brittainy Cherry is an acclaimed author known for her emotionally gripping novels that resonate with readers seeking profound, heartrending stories. With an impressive body of work and a dedicated fan base, she continues to captivate readers with her unique storytelling.

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