#BookReview The Resurrectionist by Paul T. Scheuring @paultscheuring @PRbytheBook #TheResurrectionist #PaulTScheuring #PRbytheBook Title: The Resurrectionist

Author: Paul T. Scheuring

Published by: One Light Road Inc. on Apr. 8, 2022

Genres: Historical Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 327

Format: Paperback

Source: PR by the Book

Book Rating: 8.5/10

It’s 1820, and the physicians of London are on fire to unlock the secrets of human anatomy, some consorting with criminals to get their scalpels into a fresh body. Job Mowatt has become such a criminal—a body snatcher, a resurrectionist. The wages are just enough to keep his brilliant daughter, Ivy, clean and safe in London’s worst slum. When anatomist Percival Quinn asks Job to dig up a rare specimen—the wife of a powerful and dangerous man—Job knows instantly he is inviting trouble, but knows, too, that the payment would allow Ivy to escape the brief, miserable existence that awaits women of her class. All it will take is a single night’s work. A single night that will bring Job deeper into darkness and closer to death than he has ever been. Lords and ladies in their glittering mansions, six-bottle men and opium eaters in foul tenements, they all take their secrets to the grave…and sometimes the resurrectionist brings them back.


Ominous, vivid, and gritty!

The Resurrectionist is an eerie, sinister, absorbing tale set in London in the 1820s at a time when the city was bustling, scavenging was prevalent, respectability meant everything, and a shortage of cadavers for anatomical research created a need for those with a stomach to dig in the dirt and retrieve the flesh and bones of those recently buried.

The prose is meticulous and tight. The characters are hardened, troubled, and resourceful. And the plot, told from multiple perspectives, is a menacing tale about life, loss, tragedy, desperation, survival, manipulation, abuse, deviance, violence, class disparity, body snatching, and murder.

Overall, The Resurrectionist is a dark, gothic, intense novel by Scheuring that does a wonderful job of interweaving historical facts and compelling fiction into a suspenseful mystery that is deliciously atmospheric and disturbingly entertaining.

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Thank you to PR by the Book for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Paul T. Scheuring

PAUL T. SCHEURING has been a working writer, director, and producer for Hollywood since 1999. He has written numerous projects for film and TV, including FOX’s popular Prison Break, A Man Apart starring Vin Diesel, and Den of Thieves. He wrote and directed The Experiment starring Academy Award winners Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker, and served as a producer alongside Ridley Scott on Klondike, a series he created and co-wrote. Scheuring lives in Northern California with his wife and two children. The Resurrectionist is his second novel


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