#BookReview Sweetshop of Dreams by Jenny Colgan @Sourcebooks @sbkslandmark #SweetshopofDreams #JennyColgan #bookmarkedbylandmark Title: Sweetshop of Dreams

Author: Jenny Colgan

Published by: Sourcebooks Landmark on Apr. 1, 2021

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction

Pages: 432

Format: Paperback

Source: Sourcebooks Landmark

Book Rating: 8.5/10

A delicious rom-com about finding yourself and breaking out of routines, The Sweetshop of Dreams is full of tempting desserts, family secrets, and second chances.

Rosie Hopkins has gotten used to busy London life. It’s…comfortable. And though she might like a more rewarding career, and her boyfriend’s not exactly the king of romance, Rosie’s not complaining. And when she visits her Aunt Lilian’s small country village to help sort out her sweetshop, she expects it to be dull at best.

Lilian Hopkins has spent her life running Lipton’s sweetshop, through wartime and family feuds. When her great-niece Rosie arrives to help her with the shop, the last thing Lillian wants to slow down and wrestle with the secret history hidden behind the jars of beautifully colored sweets.

But as Rosie gets Lilian back on her feet, breathes a new life into the candy shop, and gets to know the mysterious and solitary Stephen–whose family seems to own the entire town–she starts to think that settling for what’s comfortable might not be so great after all.


Quaint, Cosy, and deliciously sweet!

Sweetshop of Dreams is a delightfully uplifting tale that sweeps you away to the idyllic village of Lipton and immerses you into the lives of Rosie Hopkins, a young nurse who enjoys her life in London and is not entirely overjoyed to be heading to the English countryside to help her great-aunt recuperate and prepare her sweetshop to be sold, and Lillian Hopkins, an elderly woman who after running her family’s candy store for decades is determined to keep her memories at bay and a few long-buried secrets permanently hidden.

The prose is witty and light. The characters are quirky, sympathetic, and attentive. And the plot, set in both the 1940s as well as present-day, is a tender, heartfelt mix of life, love, family, friendship, self-reflection, history, happiness, romance, community, new beginnings, second chances, and of course, some truly scrumptious treats.

Overall, Sweetshop of Dreams is a hopeful, absorbing, charming tale by Colgan, and with its abundance of endearing characters and heartwarming storyline, it’s definitely one happy-every-after ending I’m glad I didn’t miss.


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Thank you to Sourcebooks Landmark for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Jenny Colgan

Jenny Colgan was born in Scotland and has lived in London, the Netherlands, the U.S. and France. She eventually settled on the wettest of all of these places, and currently lives just North of Edinburgh with her husband Andrew, her dog Nevil Shute, and her three children: Wallace, who is 11 and likes pretending to be 19 and not knowing what this embarrassing ‘family’ thing is that keeps following him about; Michael-Francis, who is 9 and likes making new friends on aeroplanes, and Delphine who is 7 and is mostly raccoon as far as we can tell so far.

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