#Promopost Those Chance Encounters by Pearl Khatri @iPearlUnicorn Title: Those Chance Encounters

Author: Pearl Khatri

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 426

She shattered my soul with the very first smile she gave me. I wanted her, craved her, yearned for her…
She wanted nothing to do with me, but I was an adamant bastard through, and freaking through…

He pulled at my being with the very first wink he gave me. I desired him, ached for him, broke entirely for him.
He didn’t live up to his promise, keeping me waiting…praying…hoping…dreaming…

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About Pearl Khatri

I am an IT (Information Technology) graduate, a YouTuber, and a makeup junkie. I reside with my aunts, mum, and younger brother in Mumbai, India. I love talking to my dad on a daily basis, as, being the ardent workaholic that he is, works abroad for most of the time during a year. I'm an unwavering reader, dreamer, and believer. Unicorns are my spirit animal (they exist, so don't even try to tell me otherwise!)

I got my internet name โ€˜Pearlโ€™ during a group conversation on Twitter, and since then, I've been known to my internet and indie family by the allocated name.



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