#BookReview Someone I Used To Know by Paige Toon @PaigeToonAuthor #someoneiusedtoknow #PaigeToon #feelitall #TheHiddenPaige Title: Someone I Used To Know

Author: Paige Toon

Published by: Paige Toon Press on Jun. 24, 2021

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction

Pages: 384

Format: Paperback

Source: Paige Toon

Book Rating: 10/10

So much can change in half a lifetime…


At fifteen, George is the foster brother Leah never asked for. As the angry, troubled boy struggles to come to terms with his circumstances, Leah finds herself getting drawn closer to him.

Theo’s wealthy family have mysteriously pulled him out of boarding school and he’s now enrolled at the local state school with Leah and George. When their worlds collide that summer, the three teenagers form a bond they believe will be unbreakable. But life doesn’t always go to plan…


Shocking news brings Leah back to Yorkshire, baby daughter in tow. But Emilie’s father Theo isn’t with them, and George has unexpectedly returned. After half a lifetime, have they healed the scars of their pasts? Will coming back home set their hearts in a new direction?


Absorbing, romantic, and incredibly heart-wrenching!

Someone I Used To Know is an intimate, moving, sentimental tale that sweeps you away to the Yorkshire countryside and into the life of Leah, a young mother who finds her life unexpectedly turned upside down when a tragic accident one night irrevocably changes her life forever, her father passes away out of the blue, and the boy who stole a little piece of her heart when he left without a trace almost thirteen years ago suddenly returns home.

The writing is heartfelt and tender. The characterization is spot on with a wonderful cast of characters that are generous, scarred, caring, and kind. And the plot, using a past/present, back-and-forth style, unwinds and unravels effortlessly into a lovely tale full of heart, hope, healing, and angst.

Someone I Used To Know is, ultimately, a story about life, love, loss, expectations, trauma, grief, trust, forgiveness, family, friendship, community, foster care, second chances, and discovering one’s true self. It is a touching, addictive, immersive novel by Toon that does an exceptional job of highlighting that life is not only about the highs and lows but also all those quieter moments in between and reminds us that family is not limited to those related by blood but any unit created by love. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it is hands down one of my favourite reads of the year.

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Thank you to Paige Toon for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Paige Toon

Paige Toon grew up between England, Australia and America and has been writing books set in sun-drenched locations around the world since 2007. She has written fourteen women's fiction novels, a three-part spin-off series for young adults and a collection of short stories. Her novels have sold 1.5 million copies worldwide.

In Spring 2021, Paige and her publishing team launched ‘feel it all’ branding for her novels, which is inspired directly by her readers and what they have been telling her for years: that when they read a Paige Toon novel, they experience a myriad of emo>ons, from love, heartache and passion, to grief, happiness and hope. The message is simple: get lost in one of Paige’s stories and you really will feel it all.