Format: Paperback

#BookReview The Golden Gate by Amy Chua @amychua @MinotaurBooks @StMartinsPress #TheGoldenGateBook #AmyChua #MinotaurInfluencers #SMPInfluencers

#BookReview The Golden Gate by Amy Chua @amychua @MinotaurBooks @StMartinsPress #TheGoldenGateBook #AmyChua #MinotaurInfluencers #SMPInfluencers Title: The Golden Gate

Author: Amy Chua

Published by: Minotaur Books on Sep. 19, 2023

Genres: Historical Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 384

Format: eBook, Paperback

Source: Minotaur Books

Book Rating: 8.5/10

Amy Chua’s debut novel, The Golden Gate, is a sweeping, evocative, and compelling historical thriller that paints a vibrant portrait of a California buffeted by the turbulent crosswinds of a world at war and a society about to undergo massive change.

In Berkeley, California, in 1944, Homicide Detective Al Sullivan has just left the swanky Claremont Hotel after a drink in the bar when a presidential candidate is assassinated in one of the rooms upstairs. A rich industrialist with enemies among the anarchist factions on the far left, Walter Wilkinson could have been targeted by any number of groups. But strangely, Sullivan’s investigation brings up the specter of another tragedy at the Claremont, ten years the death of seven-year-old Iris Stafford, a member of the Bainbridge family, one of the wealthiest in all of San Francisco. Some say she haunts the Claremont still.

The many threads of the case keep leading Sullivan back to the three remaining Bainbridge heiresses, now Iris’s sister, Isabella, and her cousins Cassie and Nicole. Determined not to let anything distract him from the truth―not the powerful influence of Bainbridges’ grandmother, or the political aspirations of Berkeley’s district attorney, or the interest of China’s First Lady Madame Chiang Kai-Shek in his findings―Sullivan follows his investigation to its devastating conclusion.

Chua’s page-turning debut brings to life a historical era rife with turbulent social forces and groundbreaking forensic advances, when race and class defined the very essence of power, sex, and justice, and introduces a fascinating character in Detective Sullivan, a mixed race former Army officer who is still reckoning with his own history.


Rich, twisty, and unpredictable!

The Golden Gate is a mysterious, gripping tale set in Berkeley, California, during 1944 that sees Homicide Detective Al Sullivan investigating the bizarre murder of presidential candidate Walter Wilkinson in the Claremont Hotel which, as it unfolds, also seems strangely entangled with the death of a seven-year-old girl in the same hotel ten years previous, China’s first lady Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, and a whole slew of mischief, mayhem, and long-buried secrets.

The prose is sharp and brisk. The characters are multilayered, flawed, and persistent. And the plot, including all the subplots, intertwine and unravel seamlessly into a menacing tale full of corruption, coercion, politics, racism, inequality, deduction, suspicious motivations, criminal behaviour, dangerous endeavours, familial drama, red herrings, lies, and murder.

Overall, The Golden Gate is an ominous, atmospheric, sophisticated read by Chua that I hope is only the start of what could be an entertaining series with its noir-type feel, colourful characters, abundance of action, and straight-up detective work.


This novel is available now.

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Thank you to St. Martin’s Press – Minotaur Books for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Amy Chua

AMY CHUA is the John M. Duff, Jr. Professor of Law at Yale Law School. She is an internationally bestselling author of several non-fiction titles, including her 2011 memoir Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, which was a runaway international bestseller that has been translated into over 30 languages. Chua graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College and cum laude from Harvard Law School. After practicing on Wall Street for a few years, she joined the Yale Law School faculty in 2001. The Golden Gate is her fiction debut.

#BookReview The Enemy Beside Me by Naomi Ragen @StMartinsPress #TheEnemyBesideMe #NaomiRagen #StMartinsPress #SMPInfluencers

#BookReview The Enemy Beside Me by Naomi Ragen @StMartinsPress #TheEnemyBesideMe #NaomiRagen #StMartinsPress #SMPInfluencers Title: The Enemy Beside Me

Author: Naomi Ragen

Published by: St. Martin's Griffin on Sep. 12, 2023

Genres: Historical Fiction

Pages: 400

Format: Paperback

Source: St. Martin's Press

Book Rating: 9/10

Inspired by true events, Naomi Ragen’s The Enemy Beside Me is a powerful, provocative novel about two people fighting for reconciliation over unforgivable crimes of the past.

Taking over from her father and grandfather as the head of the Survivor’s Campaign, an organization whose purpose is to bring Nazi war criminals to justice, Milia Gottstein has dedicated her life to making sure the voices of Holocaust victims will never be silenced. It is an overwhelming and heartbreaking mission that has often usurped her time and energy being a wife to busy surgeon Julius, and a mother and grandmother. But now, just as she is finally ready to pass on her work to others, making time for her personal life, an unexpected phone call suddenly explodes all she thought she knew about her present and her future.

In the midst of this personal turmoil, Milia receives an invitation to be the keynote speaker at a Holocaust conference in Lithuania from Dr. Darius Vidas, the free spirited, rebellious conference head. Despite suspecting his motives―she is, after all, viewed as a ‘public enemy’ in that country for her efforts to have them try war criminals and admit their historic responsibility for annihilating almost their entire Jewish community, including her own family―she nevertheless accepts, having developed a secret agenda of her own. But as Milia and Darius begin their mission, shared experiences profoundly alter their relationship, replacing antagonism and suspicion with a growing intimacy. However, this only ramps up the hostile forces facing them, threatening their families, livelihoods, and reputations, and forcing them into shocking choices that will betray all they have achieved and all that has grown between them.


Thought-provoking, moving, and immersive!

The Enemy Beside Me is an insightful, poignant tale that takes you into the life of Milia Gottstein, a Jewish woman and current head of the Survivors’ Campaign, an organization previously run by her father and grandfather, who reluctantly heads to Lithuania to speak at a Holocaust conference to make sure that the Lithuanian people of today have a clear understanding of the actual role their citizens played and the atrocious acts they committed against their own neighbours and community members contrary to what they’ve always been taught to believe.

The prose is sobering and expressive. The characters are troubled, brave, and strong. And the plot is an enthralling, hopeful tale about life, love, strength, deception, injustice, guilt, loss, shame, respect, passion, truth, understanding, and acknowledgement.

Overall, The Enemy Beside Me is ultimately a heart-wrenching, affecting, pensive tale by Ragen based on real-life events that highlights the extreme hardships, suffering, and horrors endured during a heinous time in history when millions of lives were violated, taken, and senselessly lost, and reminds us that our greatest power against such evil, truly, is knowledge and never, ever to forget.


This novel is available now.

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Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Naomi Ragen

Naomi Ragen is an award-winning novelist, journalist and playwright. Her first book, Jephte’s Daughter, was listed among the one-hundred most important Jewish books of all time. Her bestselling novels include Sotah, The Covenant, The Sisters Weiss, and Devil in Jerusalem. An outspoken advocate for women’s rights, and an active combatant against anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda through her website, she has lived in Jerusalem since 1971. An Observant Wife is her thirteenth novel.

Photo Credit: Alex Ragen

#BookReview This Is How We End Things by R. J. Jacobs @sbkslandmark #ThisIsHowWeEndThings #RJJacobs #bookmarkedbylandmark

#BookReview This Is How We End Things by R. J. Jacobs @sbkslandmark #ThisIsHowWeEndThings #RJJacobs #bookmarkedbylandmark Title: This Is How We End Things

Author: R. J. Jacobs

Published by: Sourcebooks Landmark on Sep. 12, 2023

Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 300

Format: Paperback

Source: Sourcebooks Landmark

Book Rating: 8/10

Campus is empty, a winter storm is blowing in, and someone is lurking in the shadows, waiting for their chance to kill again.

Forest, North Carolina. Under the instruction of enigmatic Professor Joe Lyons, five graduate students are studying the tedious science behind the acts of lying. But discovering the secrets of deception isn’t making any of the student’s more honest though. Instead, it’s making it easier for them to guard their own secrets – and they all have something to hide.

When a test goes awry and one of them is found dead, the students find themselves trapped by a snowstorm on an abandoned campus with a local detective on the case. As harbored secrets begin to break the surface, the graduates must find out who’s lying, who isn’t, and who may have been capable of committing murder. It turns out deception is even more dangerous than they thought…

A foreboding new dark academia thriller of deception and suspense, This is How We End Things follows the unraveling of a close group of students as they contend with what it means to lie, and be lied to.


Intense, dark, and suspenseful!

This Is How We End Things is a fast-paced, menacing thriller that sweeps you away to Shepard, North Carolina and into the lives of five graduate psychology students and one renowned professor as they try to survive a snowstorm that leaves them stranded on a deserted campus and a killer amongst them who seems determined to do whatever it takes to keep his secrets hidden at all costs.

The prose is brisk and tight. The characters are multilayered, self-absorbed, and secretive. And the plot is an ominous tale full of unforeseen twists, well-timed surprises, deception, manipulation, lies, desperation, tension, unease, violence, and murder.

Overall, This Is How We End Things is a devious, atmospheric, eerie tale by Jacobs that kept me guessing from the very first page and left me entertained, satisfied and, without a doubt, eager to read whatever his deliciously sinister mind manages to come up with next.


This book is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.




Thank you Sourcebooks Landmark for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About R. J. Jacobs

R.J. Jacobs has practiced as a psychologist since 2003. He maintains a private practice in Nashville, focusing on a wide variety of clinical concerns.
After completing a post-doctoral residency at Vanderbilt, he has taught Abnormal Psychology, presented at numerous conferences, and routinely performs PTSD evaluations for veterans.
His novel, titled: And Then You Were Gone, was published in 2019. His second novel: Somewhere In the Dark, was published in 2020.

Photo courtesy of Author's Website.

#BookReview The Second Chance Hotel by Sierra Godfrey @sierragodfrey @KayePublicity @sbkslandmark #KayePublicity #TheSecondChanceHotel #SierraGodfrey #womensfiction #contemporaryromance

#BookReview The Second Chance Hotel by Sierra Godfrey @sierragodfrey @KayePublicity @sbkslandmark #KayePublicity #TheSecondChanceHotel #SierraGodfrey #womensfiction #contemporaryromance Title: The Second Chance Hotel

Author: Sierra Godfrey

Published by: Sourcebooks Landmark on Sep. 12, 2023

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 374

Format: Paperback

Source: Kaye Publicity

Book Rating: 8/10

It’s all fun and games until you accidentally marry a stranger in Greece and inherit a hotel.

Amelia Lang’s life is kind of a mess. She’s stuck living at home with her narcissistic mother. Her tech bro ex-boyfriend deliberately sabotages her at work, and she gets fired after throwing a mug at his head (it’s okay! She missed.) Then she has a major falling out with her best friend. So Amelia does what Amelia does best: She runs away.

After traveling around Europe for three months, she settles on a small Greek island to reset her life and figure out what’s next. But after too much retsina, she gets tricked into marrying James, another guest at the hotel, who is perfectly nice—but perfectly boring. To top it off, they are gifted the very hotel they’re staying in—a hotel they don’t want that is in desperate need of some TLC. They agree to keep the hotel open through the busy summer season for the sake of the island’s quirky but well-meaning residents, after which Amelia plans to return home to start rebuilding her disastrous life.

Amelia and James must work together to determine how to get out of their situation—easier said than done for Amelia, who’s started to feel a strong spark of attraction for James. But Amelia is sure her real life is waiting for her back in San Francisco. Is it time for Amelia to return home or could this be the second chance at a new life she didn’t know she wanted?


Breezy, hopeful, and romantic!

The Second Chance Hotel is a delightfully charming, touching tale that takes us into the life of Amelia Lang at a time when her love life is in tatters, her career is stalling, and she finds herself at the end of a European vacation on a small Greek Island waking from a night of festivities with a pounding headache, an unexpected husband, and a co-ownership in a local rundown hotel that needs more than just a little TLC.

The writing is light and tender. The characters are independent, hardworking, and caring. And the plot is an uplifting tale of life, love, friendship, family, community, starting over, taking chances, old hurts, new beginnings, spirited shenanigans, humorous mishaps, following one’s dreams, and contentment.

Overall, The Second Chance Hotel is a heartwarming, engaging, escapist read by Godfrey that reminds us to always surround ourselves with those we love, stay open-minded, and be excited for whatever comes next.


This book is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.




Thank you to Kaye Publicity & Sourcebooks Landmark for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Sierra Godfrey

Sierra Godfrey is a technical writer, graphic designer, and a former credentialed sportswriter covering Spanish soccer. When she’s not writing about messy families, she’s taking long walks, reading, and being cozy. Originally from Santa Cruz, California, she has lived all over the world including Santorini, Greece, but now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family, which includes a dog, two cats, and a turtle, all of which seemed like a good idea at the time.

Photo courtesy of Author's Website.

#BookReview My Rogue to Ruin by Erica Ridley @readforeverpub @grandcentralpub #ReadForever #ReadForever2023 #MyRoguetoRuin #EricaRidley #TheWildWynchesters

#BookReview My Rogue to Ruin by Erica Ridley @readforeverpub @grandcentralpub #ReadForever #ReadForever2023 #MyRoguetoRuin #EricaRidley #TheWildWynchesters Title: My Rogue to Ruin

Author: Erica Ridley

Series: The Wild Wynchesters #4

Published by: Forever on Sep. 12, 2023

Genres: Historical Romance

Pages: 352

Format: ARC, Paperback

Source: Forever

Book Rating: 9/10

The riotous Wynchester family has taken on a new case to expose a forger, but the prime suspect isn’t at all what he seems in this captivating Regency romp from a New York Timesbestselling author.

Lord Adrian Webb is a no-good, roguish, rakish scoundrel of the first order, which is why his father sends him to the Continent and cuts him off without a farthing. When (penniless) in Rome, what’s a disgraced gentleman to do, but dabble in some light forgery? After all, better to leave the original works of art where they belong instead of some English snob’s drawing room. But soon his scheme snowballs out of control, and a blackmailer is out to ruin him.

The Wynchester family is known for their daring capers to help those in need. Until now, Marjorie has always let her siblings take the lead when it comes to planning undercover work. But someone in London is trying to pass off counterfeits and this time she’s the only one with the skill needed to find the culprit. Her investigations lead her straight to Lord Adrian Webb. But every time Marjorie thinks she’s figured Adrian out, she learns something new that turns all her assumptions on their head. He’s a sinner. A saint. A heartless scoundrel. A loyal brother. A liar. A good kisser. Er…wait… She can’t afford to lose herself in the passionate embrace of a man she’ll have to turn over to the magistrate as soon as the case is closed.


Adventurous, spicy, and fun!

My Rogue to Ruin is a mysterious, engaging tale that sweeps you away to London during 1818 and into the life of Marjorie Wynchester, a kind, unique young woman who embarks on a mission to use her artistic talents to do whatever it takes to take down a local swindling pawnbroker with a side business in counterfeiting coins, even if it means having to work alongside the handsome, disgraced Lord Adrian Webb who has a past littered with scandal and a pile of troubles of his own.

The writing is witty and light. The characters are resourceful, clever, and endearing. And the plot is a humorous, compelling tale full of family, friendship, tricky situations, scheming behaviours, awkward moments, secrets, attraction, desire, and romance.

My Rogue to Ruin is an amusing, lighthearted, entertaining tale by Ridley that I thoroughly enjoyed and which is the fourth novel in a series, The Wild Wynchesters, that I absolutely adore.


This novel is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from the following link.




Thank you to Forever and Grand Central Publishing for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Erica Ridley

Erica Ridley is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of historical romance novels. When not reading or writing romances, Erica can be found riding camels in Africa, zip-lining through rain forests in Costa Rica, or getting hopelessly lost in the middle of Budapest.

Photo courtesy of Forever website.

#BookReview The Villa by Ruth Kelly @ruthywriter @PGCBooks @panmacmillan #TheVilla #RuthKelly #PGCBooks

#BookReview The Villa by Ruth Kelly @ruthywriter @PGCBooks @panmacmillan #TheVilla #RuthKelly #PGCBooks Title: The Villa

Author: Ruth Kelly

Published by: Pan Macmillan on Aug. 15, 2023

Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 432

Format: Paperback

Source: Publishers Group Canada

Book Rating: 8/10

A Villa in Paradise

It’s destined to be the ultimate reality show: Ten contestants. A luxurious villa on a stunning private island. Every moment streamed live to a global audience who have unprecedented control over those competing for the cash prize.

The Journalist

Coerced by her callous editor to enter the show undercover, Laura is a journalist told to get the inside scoop on her fellow contestants. But once the games begin, she soon finds herself out of her depth and at the mercy of a ruthless producer – a woman willing to do anything to increase viewer numbers.

Reality TV to Die For

There is more to every contestant than meets the eye, including Laura. They all have secrets they’d like to keep buried, and the pressure in paradise quickly reaches boiling point. How far will the contestants go to secure audience votes? How far will Laura herself go? And would somebody really kill to win?


Seductive, sinister, and captivating!

The Villa is a scheming, disturbing tale that sweeps you away to a secluded island and onto the set of the latest reality TV show where a varied cast of characters have gathered, tensions are high, money is coveted, deception is rife, everyone has a hidden agenda, and sex, violence, despicable behaviour, and death are definitely not out of the question.

The writing is crisp and edgy. The characters are self-obsessed, ambitious, sleazy, and competitive. And the plot, using a mix of narration, police interviews, and viewer feedback, is an enticing, suspenseful mix of twists, turns, secrets, deception, manipulation, obsession, greed, jealousy, voyeurism, gossip-mongering, red herrings, malicious intentions, and murder.

Overall, The Villa is a cunning, entertaining, satisfying read by Kelly that is a eerie reminder of just how low people are willing to go for their five minutes of fame and fortune.


This novel is available September 25, 2023.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.





Thank you to Publishers Group Canada for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Ruth Kelly

Ruth Kelly is an award-winning journalist who has ghosted a string of Sunday Times top ten bestsellers - most recently The Prison Doctor, which sold over 250,000 copies, and The Governor, which went straight in at number one on the Amazon charts and number five in the Sunday Times bestseller list. The Villa is Ruth's debut thriller. She's drawn inspiration from her years working as a reporter for national newspapers as well as her experience writing for TV shows, most notably with Endemol, the creators of the original reality show Big Brother.

#BookReview The Raging Storm (Two Rivers #3) by Ann Cleeves @AnnCleeves @panmacmillan #TheRagingStorm #AnnCleeves #TwoRiversSeries #PGCBooks

#BookReview The Raging Storm (Two Rivers #3) by Ann Cleeves @AnnCleeves @panmacmillan #TheRagingStorm #AnnCleeves #TwoRiversSeries #PGCBooks Title: The Raging Storm

Author: Ann Cleeves

Series: Two Rivers #3

Published by: Pan Macmillan on Sep. 5, 2023

Genres: Mystery/Thriller, Police Procedural

Pages: 383

Format: Paperback

Source: Publishers Group Canada

Book Rating: 8.5/10

Fierce winds, dark secrets, deadly intentions.

When Jem Rosco—sailor, adventurer, and legend—blows into town in the middle of an autumn gale, the residents of Greystone, Devon, are delighted to have a celebrity in their midst. But just as abruptly as he arrived, Rosco disappears again, and soon his lifeless body is discovered in a dinghy, anchored off Scully Cove, a place with legends of its own.

This is an uncomfortable case for Detective Inspector Matthew Venn. Greystone is a place he visited as a child, a community he parted ways with. Superstition and rumor mix with fact as another body is found, and Matthew finds his judgment clouded. As the winds howl, and Venn and his team investigate, he realizes that no one, including himself, is safe from Scully Cove’s storm of dark secrets.


Shrewd, intricate, and gripping!

In this complex third instalment in the Two Rivers series, The Raging Storm, Cleeves has written a sinuous, menacing thriller that has DI Venn and his team immersed in the investigation into the brutal murder of a famous adventurer who seems to have received more than just a celebratory welcome home by the residents of the small town where he grew up, learned to sail, and seemingly had no problem turning his back on.

The prose is sharp and tight. The characters are impulsive, secretive, and deceitful. And the plot, including all the subplots, seamlessly intertwine and unravel into an ominous tale full of deception, manipulation, jealousy, misdirection, mayhem, violence, small-town coastal living, love triangles, and murder.

Overall, The Raging Storm is another engrossing, pacey, action-packed thrill ride by Cleeves that once again has just the right amount of suspense, creative storyline, and well-drawn characterization to make it a highly entertaining, satisfying read for any lover of the police procedural genre.


This book is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.




Thank you to Publishers Group Canada for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Ann Cleeves

Ann Cleeves is the author behind PBS’s Vera and BBC One’s Shetland. She has written over twenty-five novels, and is the creator of detectives Vera Stanhope and Jimmy Perez – characters loved both on screen and in print. Her books have now sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

Ann worked as a probation officer, bird observatory cook and auxiliary coastguard before becoming a crime writer. She is a member of ‘Murder Squad’, working with other British northern writers to promote crime fiction. In 2006 Ann was awarded the Duncan Lawrie Dagger (CWA Gold Dagger) for Best Crime Novel, for Raven Black, the first book in her Shetland series, and in 2012 she was inducted into the CWA Crime Thriller Awards Hall of Fame. Ann lives in North Tyneside, England.

#BookReview The Beauty of Rain by Jamie Beck @writerjamiebeck @FireflyDist @AmazonPub #TheBeautyofRain #JamieBeck #Montlake #FireflyDist

#BookReview The Beauty of Rain by Jamie Beck @writerjamiebeck @FireflyDist @AmazonPub #TheBeautyofRain #JamieBeck #Montlake #FireflyDist Title: The Beauty of Rain

Author: Jamie Beck

Published by: Montlake Romance on Jul. 18, 2023

Genres: Women's Fiction

Pages: 332

Format: Paperback

Source: Firefly Distributed Lines

Book Rating: 9/10

Two devoted sisters at a tragic breaking point discover the beautiful and painful truths of being alive in a powerful novel by Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Jamie Beck.

Winning the lottery changed Amy Walsh’s life, but the cost was greater than she could bear. In the aftermath, she struggles to find joy and purpose. Only one thing feels certain now—she will never spend one cent of the prize money on herself.

Worried, her older sister, Kristin DeMarco, invites Amy to live with her family while she heals. Unfortunately, this arrangement leads to trouble for Kristin: Divided focus affects her career. Her daughter prefers Amy to her. And Amy’s unsolicited opinions provoke tension between Kristin and her husband.

Meanwhile, Amy is making drastic plans of her own, which include giving away all her money. But first she must convince Kristin not to squander her most valuable asset—time with her family.

As the sisters help each other reimagine their futures, life’s unpredictability sends them to surprising places that test their love and resilience. Will they learn to live in the now, before it’s too late?


Memorable, sincere, and heartbreaking!

The Beauty of Rain is an intimate, pensive, emotionally-charged novel that sweeps you away to Old Greenwich, Connecticut and immerses you into the lives of two sisters. Amy Walsh, a young woman who is struggling to find a reason to go on after winning the lottery and subsequently losing her husband and son in a tragic accident, and Kristin DeMarco, a mother of two who is finding it harder and harder to juggle her sister’s mental health, a demanding career, and a family she doesn’t see as much as she should would like to without the constant help of a little white pill.

The writing is effortless and polished. The characters are multi-layered, genuine, anxious, and supportive. And the plot, including all the subplots, skillfully intertwines and unravels into a touching tale about life, love, guilt, grief, family drama, secrets, friendship, happiness, self-discovery, marriage, overwhelming responsibilities, the day-to-day struggles of experiencing extreme loss, and the special bonds that exist between sisters.

Overall, The Beauty of Rain is a beautiful mix of hope, heart, tragedy, and healing that is not only a heart-wrenching, emotive, lovely novel by Beck but one which I don’t think anyone could possibly read and not be thoroughly absorbed and utterly moved.


This novel is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.





Thank you to Firefly Distributed Lines for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Jamie Beck

Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Jamie Beck’s realistic and heartwarming stories have sold more than three million copies. She is a two-time Booksellers’ Best Award finalist, a National Readers’ Choice Award winner, and critics at Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and Booklist have respectively called her work “smart,” “uplifting,” and “entertaining.” In addition to writing novels, she enjoys dancing around the kitchen while cooking and hitting the slopes in Vermont and Utah. Above all, she is a grateful wife and mother to a very patient, supportive family.

Photograph courtesy of Author's Website.

#BookReview The Long Game by Elena Armas @elenaarmasbooks @SimonSchusterCA #TheLongGame #ElenaArmas #SimonSchusterCA

#BookReview The Long Game by Elena Armas @elenaarmasbooks @SimonSchusterCA #TheLongGame #ElenaArmas #SimonSchusterCA Title: The Long Game

Author: Elena Armas

Published by: Atria Books on Sep. 5, 2023

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 384

Format: ARC, Paperback

Source: Simon & Schuster Canada

Book Rating: 8.5/10

A disgraced soccer exec reluctantly enlists the help of a retired soccer star in coaching a children’s team in this smalltown love story in the vein of Ted Lasso and It Happened One Summer —from the New York Times bestselling author of The Spanish Love Deception.

Adalyn Reyes has spent years perfecting her daily routine: wake up at dawn, drive to the Miami Flames FC offices, try her hardest to leave a mark, go home, and repeat.

But her routine is disrupted when a video of her in an altercation with the team’s mascot goes viral. Rather than fire her, the team’s owner—who happens to be her father—sends Adalyn to middle-of-nowhere North Carolina, where she’s tasked with turning around the struggling local soccer team, the Green Warriors, as a way to redeem herself. Her plans crumble upon discovering that the players wear tutus to practice (impractical), keep pet goats (messy), and are terrified of Adalyn (counterproductive), and are nine-year-old kids.

To make things worse, also in town is Cameron Caldani, goalkeeping prodigy whose presence is somewhat of a mystery. Cam is the perfect candidate to help Adalyn, but after one very unfortunate first encounter involving a rooster, Cam’s leg, and Adalyn’s bumper, he’s also set on running her out of town. But banishment is not an option for Adalyn. Not again. Helping this ragtag children’s team is her road to redemption, and she is playing the long game. With or without Cam’s help.


Spicy, heartfelt, and engaging!

The Long Game is a spirited, heartwarming, enemies-to-lovers romance that features the ambitious, hardworking Adalyn who, after having an epic meltdown go viral on the internet, is sent by her father, owner of the Miami Flames FC, to the small town of Green Oak, NC to stay out of trouble and manage the local team with the grumpy, sexy, former professional soccer player, Cameron Caldani who’s determined to do whatever it takes to help out his friend, stay under the radar, and not let the infuriatingly, pretty new arrival get under his skin.

The prose is amusing and light. The characters, including all the supporting characters, are quirky, supportive, and kind. And the plot is a fun-loving, flirty blend of tricky situations, tender moments, humorous mishaps, self-discovery, friendship, family, kindness, support, happiness, romance, community, and some furry friends with large personalities.

Overall, The Long Game is a charming, humorous, enjoyable treat by Arnas that is a delight to read and ultimately reminds us that sometimes life doesn’t always turn out the way we planned it. Sometimes, it actually turns out better.


This novel is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.





Thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Elena Armas

Elena Armas is a Spanish writer, self-confessed hopeless romantic and proud book hoarder. Now, she's also the author of Sunday Times and New York Times bestsellers The Spanish Love Deception and The American Roommate Experiment. Her books are being translated to over 30 languages–which is bananas, if you ask her.

#BookReview In the Likely Event by Rebecca Yarros @FireflyDist @AmazonPub #IntheLikelyEvent #RebeccaYarros #Montlake #FireflyDist

#BookReview In the Likely Event by Rebecca Yarros @FireflyDist @AmazonPub #IntheLikelyEvent #RebeccaYarros #Montlake #FireflyDist Title: In the Likely Event

Author: Rebecca Yarros

Published by: Montlake Romance on Aug. 1, 2023

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 348

Format: Paperback

Source: Firefly Distributed Lines

Book Rating: 9/10

When Izzy Astor gets on a plane to go home, she isn’t expecting much. It’s the usual holiday travel experience: busy, crowded, stressful.

Then she spots her seatmate, who is anything but ordinary. Nate Phelan sports dark hair, blue eyes, and a deliciously rugged charm that Izzy can’t resist. Their connection is undeniable. Izzy never believed in destiny before, but she does now.

Just ninety seconds after takeoff, their plane goes down in the Missouri River.

Their lives change. They change. Nate goes on to a career in the military while Izzy finds her way into politics. Despite a few chance encounters over the years, the timing never feels right.

Then comes a high-stakes reunion in Afghanistan, where Nate is tasked with protecting Izzy’s life.

He’ll do anything to keep her safe. And everything to win her heart.


Romantic, thought-provoking, and absorbing!

In the Likely Event is a poignant, intimate tale that sweeps you away into the life of Izzy Astor and Nate Phelan, two teenagers who, after having an instant connection and surviving a plane crash together, spend the next several years separately following their dreams while fondly anticipating and savouring the few days they sometimes get to spend together until an unexpected meeting on the war-torn streets of Afghanistan has them not only trying to survive but finally confronting the long-buried hurts, secrets, and feelings they’ve built up over the last ten years for each other.

The prose is sentimental and tender. The characters are independent, supportive, and layered. And the plot is a compelling, touching tale of life, love, family, honesty, kindness, communication, acceptance, self-discovery, grief, loss, understanding, forgiveness, romance, taking chances, and new beginnings.

Overall, In the Likely Event is another emotive, thoughtful, beautiful read by Yarros that reminds us that life is complicated and messy, timing is everything, and sometimes, perhaps, things are just truly destined to happen.


This book is available now. 

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Thank you to Firefly Distributed Lines for gifting me a copy in an exchange for an honest review.


About Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca Yarros is a hopeless romantic and lover of all things chocolate, coffee, and Paleo. In addition to being a mom, military wife, and blogger, she can never choose between Young Adult and New Adult fiction, so she writes both. She's a graduate of Troy University, where she studied European history and English, but still holds out hope for an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Her blog, The Only Girl Among Boys, has been voted the Top Military Mom Blog the last two years, and celebrates the complex issues surrounding the military life she adores. When she's not writing, she's tying on hockey skates for her kids, or sneaking in some guitar time. She is madly in love with her army-aviator husband of eleven years, and they're currently stationed in Upstate NY with their gaggle of rambunctious kiddos and snoring English Bulldog, but she would always rather be home in Colorado.


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