#BookReview The Summer Cottage (Somerset Lake #1) by Annie Rains @AnnieRainsBooks @ReadForeverPub @GrandCentralPub #ReadForever #Forever2021 #AnnieRains #TheSummerCottage #SomersetLakeSeries

#BookReview The Summer Cottage (Somerset Lake #1) by Annie Rains @AnnieRainsBooks @ReadForeverPub @GrandCentralPub #ReadForever #Forever2021 #AnnieRains #TheSummerCottage #SomersetLakeSeries Title: The Summer Cottage

Author: Annie Rains

Series: Somerset Lake #1

Published by: Forever on May 25, 2021

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 423

Format: Paperback

Source: Forever

Book Rating: 9/10

This summer, they’ll learn that home is where the heart is.

Somerset Lake is the perfect place for Trisha Langly and her son to start over. As the new manager for the Somerset Cottages, Trisha is instantly charmed by the property’s elderly residents and her firecracker of a new boss, Vi Fletcher. But Trisha is less enchanted by Vi’s protective grandson Jake. No matter how tempting she finds the handsome lawyer, Trisha knows that if Jake discovers the truth about her past, she’ll lose the new life she’s worked so hard to build.

Jake Fletcher left Somerset Lake after a tragic loss, but he’s returning for the summer to care for his beloved grandmother, hoping Vi will sell the run-down cottages and finally slow down. There’s just one problem: Trisha, Vi’s new employee. She’s smart, beautiful, and kind, but Jake’s job is to protect his grandmother’s interests, and his gut is telling him Trisha’s hiding something that could jeopardize Vi’s future. However, as they spend summer days renovating the property and bonding over their love for the town, Jake realizes that Trisha is a risk worth taking–if only she can trust him with her secrets . . . and her heart.

Includes the bonus novella Kiss Me in Sweetwater Springs!


Captivating, comforting, and quaint!

The Summer Cottage is a cosy, heartwarming tale that takes you into the life of the cautious, hardworking Trisha Langly as she juggles a relocation, a new job, an inquisitive son, an ex with a criminal past, and a handsome man who is entirely too hard to resist.

The writing is tender and sweet. The characters are kind, tentative, and supportive. And the plot is an irresistible mix of life, loss, love, family, friendship, special moments, trust, respect, community, and self-discovery.

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of Annie Rains and was sad to see the Sweetwater Springs series come to an end, but I am delighted to say this new Somerset Lake series has kicked off with a bang. The Summer Cottage has everything in it I hoped for, small-town charm, an emotive, romantic storyline, and characters new and old that you can’t help but be invested in and root for.

This book is available now.

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Thank you to Forever and Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a copy in an exchange for an honest review.


About Annie Rains

Annie Rains is a USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author who writes small town love stories set in fictional places in her home state of North Carolina. When Annie isn’t writing, she’s living out her own happily ever after with her husband and three children.Annie Rains is a USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author who writes small town love stories set in fictional places in her home state of North Carolina. When Annie isn’t writing, she’s living out her own happily ever after with her husband and three children.

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#BookReview The Bullet (Eve Duncan #27) by Iris Johansen @Iris_Johansen @GrandCentralPub #TheBullet #IrisJohansen #GrandCentralPub

#BookReview The Bullet (Eve Duncan #27) by Iris Johansen @Iris_Johansen @GrandCentralPub #TheBullet #IrisJohansen #GrandCentralPub Title: The Bullet

Author: Iris Johansen

Series: Eve Duncan #27

Published by: Grand Central Publishing on Jun. 8, 2021

Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 400

Format: Hardcover

Source: Grand Central Publishing

Book Rating: 8/10

Eve Duncan and Joe Quinn must protect the life of a brilliant scientist so that she can live long enough to bring her discovery to the world, in this fast-paced thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen.
Diane Connors is a dedicated doctor with the world’s biggest secret, a discovery that could have shocking global ramifications.  But while conducting private research trials, word has gotten out. The wrong people have heard the news and now want to hide Diane’s achievement for their own ends.

With nowhere else to turn, Diane finds herself on the doorstep of the last man she wants to ask for help: her ex-husband, Joe Quinn. Joe has remarried, and he and his wife, Eve Duncan, seem blissfully happy in their quiet, rural life until they are faced with the challenge of risking it all—even their marriage itself—for the greater good …

Now Eve is trapped in a web of murder and deceit as powerful enemies rush to cover up the truth, determined that Diane’s discovery goes with her to the grave—even if Eve and Joe get buried with her.


Suspenseful, turbulent, and action-packed!

The Bullet is an ominous, intense thrill ride that introduces us to Joe Quinn’s first wife, Diane Connors, a scientist in need of a little help and protection when her discovery and research into a medicinal plant that can cure practically any ailment makes her a prime target for Joshua Nalan, a ruthless billionaire willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to secure Diane’s research for himself.

The prose is tight and brisk. The characters are well informed, vigilant, and reliable. And the plot is a well-paced, menacing tale full of tension, desperation, obsession, adventure, cruelty, violence, murder, and a touch of the paranormal.

Overall, The Bullet is another sinister, complex, solid addition to the Eve Duncan series by Johansen that I would have to say is not my favourite novel in this long-running series but is still definitely a highly satisfying one.


This novel is available now.

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Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Iris Johansen

Iris Johansen is a New York Times bestselling author. She began her writing after her children left home for college. She first achieved success in the early 1980s writing category romances. In 1991, Johansen began writing suspense historical romance novels, starting with the publication of The Wind Dancer. In 1996 Johansen switched genres, turning to crime fiction, with which she has had great success.

She lives in Georgia and is married. Her son, Roy Johansen, is an Edgar Award-winning screenwriter and novelist. Her daughter, Tamara, serves as her research assistant.

#BookReview A Not So Lonely Planet: Italy by Karina Kennedy @KayePublicity @cleispress #ANotSoLonelyPlanetItaly #KarinaKennedy

#BookReview A Not So Lonely Planet: Italy by Karina Kennedy @KayePublicity @cleispress #ANotSoLonelyPlanetItaly #KarinaKennedy Title: A Not So Lonely Planet: Italy

Author: Karina Kennedy

Published by: Cleis Press on Jun. 8, 2021

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica

Pages: 308

Format: Paperback

Source: Kaye Publicity

Book Rating: 8/10

Marina Taylor is a bold, adventure-seeking writer with a one-way ticket to Rome and big dreams to write her book, Italian Women of Influence . . . but an undeniable connection with an irresistible stranger—and her penchant for disaster—just may derail her plans.

Inspired by actress and sex icon Regina Lombardi, Marina tries to master the sexual gaze as she researches her book and stumbles her way through Italian scholars, Turkish footballers, and Sicilian twins. From the nightclubs of Rome to a Venetian masquerade ball, Marina’s escapades leave her yearning for a particular French-Italian photographer. Will she catch her illusive stranger, or prove more calamity than coquette? And what about the ruggedly down-to-earth ex who’s waiting for her back home?

Equal parts laugh-out-loud travel comedy and sexy adventure, Marina’s first trip abroad will inspire you to throw your own itinerary out the window and throw caution to the wind. Art, love, sex, wine—the Italian playboy and the boy next door—who says you can’t have it all?


Spicy, humorous, and intriguing!

A Not So Lonely Planet: Italy is a flirty, promiscuous tale that takes you into the life of the feisty, determined Marina Taylor as she travels to Italy to submerge herself in a different culture, try new things, meet new people, enjoy a few sexcapades, and research influential women for a book she hopes to write.

The writing is titillating and witty. The characters are brazen, quirky, and tenacious. And the plot is a lighthearted, funny tale of life, love, introspection, friendship, awkward situations, embarrassing moments, taking chances, love affairs, and ultimately learning to appreciate the place you call home.

Overall, A Not So Lonely Planet: Italy is a sexy, whimsical, entertaining travel diary by Kennedy that is a wonderful reminder that the most important things in life are the moments, adventures, and relationships that we make, experience, and develop every single day.


This book is available now.

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Thank you to Kaye Publicity for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Karina Kennedy

Karina Kennedy is a romantic writer and a restless spirit. Growing up in Florida, she cheated her Choose Your Own Adventure books by keeping fingers stuck in the pages so she could change her mind. Who wants only one adventure? Karina is inspired by strong, creative women in all walks of life and uses this passion to fuel her travels all over the world. As an intrepid explorer she is unwilling to miss out on a memory, willing to bend the rules, unafraid of her own beauty, and ready to share it with those who deserve it. Karina hopes to inspire and entertain other like-minded people to explore the world, fall in love, or just have fun.

Photo courtesy of Author's Website.

#BookReview These Tangled Vines by Julianne MacLean @AmazonPub @LUAuthors @ThomasAllenLTD #TheseTangledVines #JulianneMacLean #LakeUnion

#BookReview These Tangled Vines by Julianne MacLean @AmazonPub @LUAuthors @ThomasAllenLTD #TheseTangledVines #JulianneMacLean #LakeUnion Title: These Tangled Vines

Author: Julianne MacLean

Published by: Lake Union Publishing on Jun. 1, 2021

Genres: Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction

Pages: 304

Format: Paperback

Source: Thomas Allen & Son

Book Rating: 8.5/10

From the USA Today bestselling author of A Curve in the Roadcomes a sweeping and captivating tale of one woman’s journey to the lush vineyards of Tuscany—and into the mysteries of a tragic family secret.

If Fiona has learned anything in life, it’s how to keep a secret—even from the father who raised her. She is the only person who knows about her late mother’s affair in Tuscany thirty years earlier, and she intends to keep it that way…until a lawyer calls with shocking news: her biological father has died and left her an incredible inheritance—along with two half siblings.

Fiona travels to Italy, where the family is shocked to learn of her existence and desperate to contest her share of the will. While the mystery of her mother’s affair is slowly unraveled, Fiona must navigate through tricky family relationships and tense sibling rivalries. Fiona both fears and embraces her new destiny as she searches for the truth about the fateful summer her mother spent in Italy and the father she never knew.

Spilling over with the sumptuous flavors and romance of Tuscany, These Tangled Vines takes readers on a breathtaking journey of love, secrets, sacrifice, courage—and most importantly, the true meaning of family.


Captivating, heartwarming, and absorbing!

These Tangled Vines is predominantly set in Tuscany during 1986, as well as 2017, and is told from two different perspectives; Fiona, a young woman who journeys to Italy after learning of her biological father’s death to unravel the secrets of her mother’s past and the mystery surrounding her conception, and Lillian, a young, married woman whose forbidden love for a winery owner will ultimately change her destiny and life forever.

The prose is rich and expressive. The characters are flawed, determined, and endearing. And the plot is a moving tale about life, love, loss, emotion, betrayal, family, friendship, heartbreak, guilt, grief, hope, and regret.

Overall, These Tangled Vines is an alluring, evocative, compelling tale by MacLean that highlights the enduring passion, loyalty and power of love and is a wonderful choice for anyone who enjoys a dual timeline story with a sliver of romance and mystique.


This novel is available now.

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Thank you to Thomas Allen & Son for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Julianne MacLean

Julianne MacLean is a USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty novels, including the contemporary women’s fiction Color of Heaven Series. Readers have described her books as “breathtaking,” “soulful” and “uplifting.” MacLean is a four-time Romance Writers of America RITA finalist and has won numerous awards, including the Booksellers’ Best Award and a Reviewers’ Choice Award from Romantic Times. Her novels have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been published in over a dozen languages.

MacLean has a degree in English literature from the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and a degree in business administration from Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. She loves to travel and has lived in New Zealand, Canada, and England. MacLean currently resides on the east coast of Canada in a lakeside home with her husband and daughter.

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#BookReview The President’s Daughter by Bill Clinton and James Patterson @arrowpublishing #ThePresidentsDaughter

#BookReview The President’s Daughter by Bill Clinton and James Patterson @arrowpublishing #ThePresidentsDaughter Title: The President's Daughter

Author: Bill Clinton, James Patterson

Published by: Century on Jun 7, 2021

Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 528

Format: ARC, Paperback

Source: Arrow Publishing

Book Rating: 9/10


Matthew Keating, a one-time Navy SEAL and a former US President, has always defended his family as fiercely as he has his country.

Now these defences are under attack. And it’s personal.

Keating’s teenage daughter, Melanie, has been abducted, turning every parent’s deepest fear into a matter of national security.

As the world watches, Keating embarks on a one-man special-ops mission that tests his strengths: as a leader, a warrior, and a father.

Because Keating knows that in order to save Melanie’s life he will have to put his own on the line . . .


Action-packed, thrilling, and twisty!

The President’s Daughter is a propulsive, entertaining thriller that takes you into the life of former US President and ex-Navy Seal Matt Keating as he does everything in his power to find and recover his kidnapped teenage daughter from a sadistic terrorist driven by vengeance.

The writing is tight and crisp. The characters are astute, tenacious, and authentic. And the plot, with its short, intense chapters, keeps you on the edge of your seat as it immerses you, page after page, into a world full of terrorism, politics, revenge, corruption, coercion, military operations, and Secret Service drama.

Overall, The President’s Daughter is a meticulous, compelling, intricate mystery by this dynamic writing duo that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend.

This book is available now.

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Thank you to Penguin Random House UK – Arrow Publishing for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review


About Bill Clinton

BILL CLINTON served two terms as president of the United States. After leaving the White House, he established the Clinton Foundation, which helps improve global health, increase opportunity for girls and women, reduce childhood obesity and preventable diseases, create economic opportunity and growth, and address the effects of climate change. He is the author of a number of non-fiction works, including My Life, which was a number one international bestseller.

About James Patterson

JAMES PATTERSON is one of the best-known and biggest-selling writers of all time. His books have sold in excess of 385 million copies worldwide. He is the author of some of the most popular series of the past two decades - the Alex Cross, Women's Murder Club, Detective Michael Bennett and Private novels - and he has written many other number one bestsellers including romance novels and stand- alone thrillers.

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#BookReview Ridgeline by Michael Punke @HenryHolt #Ridgeline #MichaelPunke

#BookReview Ridgeline by Michael Punke @HenryHolt #Ridgeline #MichaelPunke Title: Ridgeline

Author: Michael Punke

Published by: Henry Holt and Co. on Jun. 1, 2021

Genres: Historical Fiction

Pages: 384

Format: ARC, Paperback

Source: Henry Holt and Co.

Book Rating: 10/10

In 1866, with the country barely recovered from the Civil War, new war breaks out on the western frontier–a clash of cultures between a young, ambitious nation and the Native tribes who have lived on the land for centuries. Colonel Henry Carrington arrives in Wyoming’s Powder River Valley to lead the US Army in defending the opening of a new road for gold miners and settlers. Carrington intends to build a fort in the middle of critical hunting grounds, the home of the Lakota. Red Cloud, one of the Lakota’s most respected chiefs, and Crazy Horse, a young but visionary warrior, understand full well the implications of this invasion. For the Lakota, the stakes are their home, their culture, their lives.

As fall bleeds into winter, Crazy Horse leads a small war party that confronts Colonel Carrington’s soldiers with near constant attacks. Red Cloud, meanwhile, seeks to build the tribal alliances that he knows will be necessary to defeat the soldiers. Colonel Carrington seeks to hold together a US Army beset with internal discord. Carrington’s officers are skeptical of their commander’s strategy, none more so than Lieutenant George Washington Grummond, who longs to fight a foe he dismisses as inferior in all ways. The rank-and-file soldiers, meanwhile, are still divided by the residue of civil war, and tempted to desertion by the nearby goldfields.

Throughout this taut saga–based on real people and events–Michael Punke brings the same immersive, vivid storytelling and historical insight that made his breakthrough debut so memorable. As Ridgeline builds to its epic conclusion, it grapples with essential questions of conquest and justice that still echo today.


Vivid, moving, and exceptionally enthralling!

Ridgeline is an intricate, insightful tale that sweeps you away to the plains of Wyoming in the fall of 1866 when tensions between the soldiers and settlers of the newly formed Fort Phil Kearney and the Sioux people simmers and builds until it finally comes to a head on December 21, 1866, when infamous Lakota leader, Crazy Horse leads a band of multiple tribes in an artfully strategized assault and slaughter of 81 men on Lodge Trail Ridge that not only left this US Army outpost decimated but ultimately foreshadowed the bloodbath yet to come in the 1876 Battle of the Little Bighorn.

The writing is eloquent and expressive. The characters are determined, troubled, and strategic. And the plot using a mix of narration, diary entries, and told from multiple POVs, intertwines and unravels seamlessly into a harrowing tale of life, loss, hardship, culture, dissension, hostility, violence, survival, war, and murder.

Overall, Ridgeline is an exceptionally atmospheric, nuanced, beautifully written novel by Punke that transports you to another time and place and immerses you so thoroughly into the feelings, personalities, and lives of the characters you can’t help but be affected. It is undoubtedly one of my favourite novels of the year that does a wonderful job of reminding us of the extreme conflict and savagery that once graced these vast, rugged, prairie lands that some of us now call home.

This novel is available now.

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Thank you to Henry Holt and Company for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Michael Punke

Michael Punke is the author of several books including The Revenant, a #1 New York Times bestseller and basis for the Academy Award–winning film. In his diverse professional career, Punke has served as the US ambassador to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, history correspondent for the Montana Quarterly, and an adjunct professor at the University of Montana. As a high school and college student, he worked summers as a living history interpreter at Fort Laramie National Historic Site in Wyoming. He lives with his family in Montana and is an avid outdoorsman.

Photo courtesy of Author's Goodreads Page.

#BookReview Breakout by Paul Herron @GrandCentralPub #PaulHerron #Breakout

#BookReview Breakout by Paul Herron @GrandCentralPub #PaulHerron #Breakout Title: Breakout

Author: Paul Herron

Published by: Grand Central Publishing on Apr. 6, 2021

Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 304

Format: Hardcover

Source: Grand Central Publishing

Book Rating: 8/10

Ravenhill Correctional Institute, a notorious, maximum-security prison in Miami, Florida, home to the abandoned military prison, the Glasshouse.

Hurricane Anna: a superstorm made up of two Category 5 hurricanes coming together to wreak unprecedented havoc along the eastern seaboard.

When the superstorm hits, the correctional officers at Ravenhill flee, opening all the cell doors and leaving the inmates to fend for themselves as the floodwaters rise. But Jack Constantine, an ex-cop serving ten years for killing one of his wife’s murderers, isn’t going to just lay down and die. Not when his wife’s two remaining killers are among the prisoners relocated to the Glasshouse to ride out the storm.

Meanwhile, Kiera Sawyer, a Correctional Officer on her first day at work is the only officer left behind when the others flee. Sawyer rescues Jack and offers to team up. If they can make it to the Glasshouse they might just survive the hurricane. But that involves making their way through the prison, fighting off eight hundred blood-crazed inmates as the building fills with water and the wall crumble all around them.


Dark, propulsive, and gory!

Breakout is a fast-paced, gripping tale that takes you into the life of Jack Constantine, a former police officer who, after killing one of the three men responsible for murdering his wife and unborn child, has been incarcerated at the Ravenhill Correctional facility for the past three years, but when a hurricane threatens to destroy the compound, and all the guards except for one decide to flee, cells will be left unlocked, and the prisoners will be thrown in a savage, bloodthirsty race to not only survive mother nature but perhaps deadliest of all, themselves.

The writing is descriptive and gritty. The characters are feral, ruthless, cunning, and barbaric. And the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat as it immerses you into a malevolent tale full of twists, turns, mayhem, chaos, corruption, cruelty, violence, and murder.

Overall, Breakout is an adventurous, atmospheric, sometimes gruesome tale by Herron that could definitely be made into an excellent Fight Club/slasher-type movie, with my only complaint being I would have loved to have had a schematic of the prison and its surrounding grounds at the front of the book so that I could have easily visualized exactly where all the action was taking place.


This book is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.




Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Paul Herron

PAUL HERRON is a Scotsman struggling (and failing) to survive the heat and humidity of South Africa. Although BREAKOUT is Paul’s debut thriller, he also writes computer games and comics, and has worked on over twenty-seven television shows, one of which was nominated for an International Emmy Award. One of his previous works of fiction is being developed by Jerry Bruckheimer Productions and CBS as a television series. Paul lives with his wife, Jo, on the east coast of South Africa. He has three children.

#BookReview How to Survive a Scandal by Samara Parish @readforeverpub @grandcentralpub #ReadForever #ReadForeverPub #ReadForever2021 #HowtoSurviveaScandal #SamaraParish #RebelswithaCauseSeries

#BookReview How to Survive a Scandal by Samara Parish @readforeverpub @grandcentralpub #ReadForever #ReadForeverPub #ReadForever2021 #HowtoSurviveaScandal #SamaraParish #RebelswithaCauseSeries Title: How to Survive a Scandal

Author: Samara Parish

Series: Rebels with a Cause #1

Published by: Forever on May 25, 2021

Genres: Historical Romance

Pages: 332

Format: Paperback

Source: Forever

Book Rating: 8/10

In this whirlwind Regency romance, a near-death experience leads to a marriage of convenience for two unsuspecting strangers, but will their unusual meeting lead them to true love?

Lady Amelia was raised to be the perfect duchess, accomplished in embroidery, floral arrangement, and managing a massive household. But when an innocent mistake forces her and the uncouth, untitled Benedict Asterly into a marriage of convenience, all her training appears to be for naught. Even worse, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to this man no finishing school could have prepared her for.

Benedict Asterly never dreamed saving Amelia’s life would lead to him being shackled to the hoity Society miss. Benedict was taught to distrust the aristocracy at a young age, so when news of his marriage endangers a business deal, Benedict is wary of Amelia’s offer to help. But his quick-witted, elegant bride defies all his expectations… and if he’s not careful, she’ll break down the walls around his guarded heart.


Engaging, romantic, and entertaining!

How to Survive a Scandal is a dramatic, spirited tale that features the hardworking, laidback Benedict Asterly and the favoured, beautiful Lady Amelia Crofton as they navigate a compromising situation, a marriage of convenience, opposite backgrounds, being shunned by the ton, and an attraction that’s too hard to deny.

The prose is amusing and light. The characters are tentative, supportive, and passionate. And the plot is a push-pull tale of life, love, trust, expectations, respect, determination, familial drama, and class division.

Overall, How to Survive a Scandal is a charming, seductive, delightful debut by Parish that is a promising, enjoyable start to the Rebel with a Cause series.


This novel is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from the following link.




Thank you to Forever & Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Samara Parish

Samara Parish has been escaping into fictional worlds since she was a child. When she picked up her first historical romance book, she found a fantasy universe she never wanted to leave and the inspiration to write her own stories. She lives in Australia with her own hero and their many fur-babies in a house with an obscenely large garden, despite historically being unable to keep a cactus alive. How to Survive a Scandal is her debut novel.

Photo by Amanda Hardwick.

#BookReview Beneath Devil’s Bridge by Loreth Anne White @Loreth @AmazonPub @LUAuthors @ThomasAllenLTD #BeneathDevilsBridge #LorethAnneWhite #Montlake

#BookReview Beneath Devil’s Bridge by Loreth Anne White @Loreth @AmazonPub @LUAuthors @ThomasAllenLTD #BeneathDevilsBridge #LorethAnneWhite #Montlake Title: Beneath Devil's Bridge

Author: Loreth Anne White

Published by: Montlake Romance on Jun. 1, 2021

Genres: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 348

Format: Paperback

Source: Thomas Allen & Son

Book Rating: 9/10

A true crime podcast yields new revelations about a shocking murder in a riveting novel of suspense by Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author Loreth Anne White.

True crime podcaster Trinity Scott is chasing breakout success, and her brand-new serial may get her there. Her subject is Clayton Jay Pelley. More than two decades ago, the respected family man and guidance counselor confessed to the brutal murder of teenage student Leena Rai. But why he killed her has always been a mystery.

In a series of exclusive interviews from prison, Clayton discloses to Trinity the truth about what happened that night beneath Devil’s Bridge. It’s not what anyone in the Pacific Northwest town of Twin Falls expects. Clayton says he didn’t do it. Was he lying then? Or now?

As her listeners increase and ratings skyrocket, Trinity is missing a key player in the story: Rachel Walczak, the retired detective who exposed Pelley’s twisted urges and put him behind bars. She’s not interested in playing Clayton’s game – until Trinity digs deeper and the podcast’s reverb widens. Then Rachel begins to question everything she thinks she knows about the past.

With each of Clayton’s teasing reveals, one thing is clear: he’s not the only one in Twin Falls with a secret.


Dark, twisty, and disturbing!

Beneath Devil’s Bridge is a sharp, unsettling mystery that introduces us to the driven, tenacious podcast-host Trinity Scott as she heads to Twin Falls, British Columbia, where she stirs up a lot of old emotions, resentments, and secrets when she features and interviews convicted guidance counsellor, Clayton Jay Pelley, in order to finally reveal why he brutally murdered his then student, 14-year-old Leena Rai in 1997.

The writing is tight and intense. The characters are vulnerable, tormented, and scarred. And the plot, using a past/present, back-and-forth style and told from alternating POVs, is a heartwrenching, suspenseful tale of deception, brutality, scandal, coercion, jealousy, conspiracy, violence, murder, injustice, and manipulation.

I can honestly say I have yet to read a novel by White that I didn’t love and isn’t thoroughly engrossing and Beneath Devil’s Bridge is no exception. It’s a sophisticated, tortuous, chilling tale that packs a real emotional punch and is a tragic reminder of the devastating psychological and emotional consequences caused by bullying, especially in teens.


This novel is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.




Thank you to Thomas Allen & Son for providing me with a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.


About Loreth Anne White

Loreth Anne White is an award-winning, bestselling author of romantic suspense, thrillers, and mysteries.

A three-time RITA finalist, she has also won the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, the National Readers’ Choice Award, and the Romantic Crown for Best Romantic Suspense and Best Book Overall, in addition to being a Booksellers’ Best finalist, a multiple Daphne Du Maurier Award finalist, and a multiple CataRomance Reviewers’ Choice Award winner.

A former journalist and newspaper editor who has worked in both South Africa and Canada, she now resides in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest with her family. When she’s not writing, you will find her skiing, biking, or hiking the trails with her Black Dog.

#BlogTour #BookReview Song of the Nile by Hannah Fielding @fieldinghannah @midaspr #SongoftheNile #HannahFielding

#BlogTour #BookReview Song of the Nile by Hannah Fielding @fieldinghannah @midaspr #SongoftheNile #HannahFielding Title: Song of the Nile

Author: Hannah Fielding

Published by: London Wall Publishing on May 27, 2021

Genres: Women's Fiction, Historical Fiction

Pages: 616

Format: Paperback

Source: Midas PR

Book Rating: 7/10

Luxor, 1946. When young nurse Aida El Masri returns from war-torn London to her family’s estate in Egypt, she steels herself to face the challenges ahead.

Eight years have passed since her father, Ayoub, was framed for a crime he did not commit and died as a tragic result. Yet Aida has not forgotten, and now she wants revenge against the man she believes betrayed her father – his best friend, Kamel Pharaony.

Then Aida is reunited with Kamel’s son, the captivating surgeon Phares, who offers her marriage. In spite of herself, the secret passion Aida harboured for him as a young girl reignites. Still, how can she marry the son of the man who destroyed her father and brought shame on her family? Will coming home bring her love, or only danger and heartache?


Sensuous, informative, and atmospheric!

Song of the Nile is a historical love letter to Egypt, complete with authentic and fascinating facts of life in the country following WWII and a breathtaking tour of the landscape, monuments, and landmarks that still grace this beautiful countryside today.

The writing is vivid and rich. The characters are warm, bold, and determined. And the plot is a richly described, captivating tale full of life, love, loss, family, drama, desire, intrigue, romance, customs, and societal expectations.

Overall, Song of the Nile is a steamy, mysterious, alluring tale by Fielding that highlights the unique political landscape of Egypt over the years and reminds us of the importance of trusting, forgiving, and ultimately the power of love.


This novel is available now.

Pick up a copy from your favourite retailer or from one of the following links.




Thank you to Midas PR for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About Hannah Fielding

Having already had huge success as one of the UK’s leading romance authors with total sales of over 130k, Concerto follows the award-winning success of Hannah Fielding’s previous novels Aphrodite’s Tears, Burning Embers, Echoes of Love, Masquerade, Legacy and Indiscretion. Echoes of Love won Romance Novel of the Year at the IPB Awards in 2012, Burning Embers was Amazon’s book of the month in 2011, and Hannah’s novels have been translated into 13 languages. With its spectacular setting and deep emotional drama, Concerto will appeal both to fans of her backlist, as well as lovers of atmospheric travel writing including Santa Montefiore, Penny Vincenzie, Victoria Hislop and Lucinda Riley.

Egyptian by birth Hannah is fluent in French, English and Arabic and has lived all over the world. She currently lives between her writing retreat in the South of France and her rambling family home in Ireland. Hannah’s grandmother, Esther Fanous, was the revolutionary feminist writer in Egypt during the early 1900s and helped found the Women's Wafd Central Committee in 1920.

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